Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a loosely used term. Many assume digitizing manual processes or automating processes equals digital transformation. While those aspects may be part of the puzzle, at Corsica Technologies, digitization does not equal transformation. Transformation occurs when all aspects of your business have been carefully analyzed with PEOPLE in mind – to optimize your processes and technology to empower your customers and your employees. The result? Increased efficiency, increased job satisfaction and increased revenue.

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Digital Transformation Service Offerings

Increase the efficiency of your organization’s technology and processes with Corsica Technology Digital Transformation services.

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Technology Immersion Consultation

Many businesses need to gain a competitive edge, but struggle to accomplish more with fewer resources. One way companies can get ahead of the curve is to embark on a digital transformation journey. Corisca’s digital transformation experts help start the journey with an in-depth assessment and review of systems, goals and technology and provide a roadmap to get you there.

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Software Support

If you’re struggling to keep your software current or don’t have the expertise to monitor or support your applications, Corsica can help you make the most of your investment. We offer software support and monitoring that can provide cost predictability and more rapid response when you need it most.

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Application Modernization

Are your essential business applications impacting productivity? If you’re frustrated by your slow and outdated applications, Corscia Technologies can help. We’ll review your desired business outcomes and create a plan to replace or update your aging applications with modern, maintanable systems.

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Custom Embedded Software Development

IoT isn’t just a buzzword anymore and many businesses are learning how to capitilize from this concept. If you’re looking to gain a competitive edge, but lack the talent to execute on your IoT ideas, our team of digital transformation experts can work with you to take your idea from prototype to production.

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Custom Mobile Application Development

Engaging potential customers and clients in the digital age is increasingly important to an organization’s bottom line, but creating a mobile experience can be challenging. Our experts can work with your company to develop a custom mobile application that will improve business processes, data management and drive a superior customer experience.

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Custom Web Application Development

Your customers are the lifeblood or your business. A custom, web-based in- browser application can ensure their experience with your business is seamless. A unique application can improve customer retention, improve business processes and data management and drive a superior customer experience.

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ERP System Selection

Is your Enterprise Resource System (ERP) causing headaches? An aging Enterprise system can not only cause frustration, but productivity and cash flow issues as well. Corsica’s ERP experts work with your company to analyze business goals and processes and develop a plan of action to transform your operations and technology.

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SQL Assessment

Maintaining outdated SQL servers can cause a myriad of problems for businesses including cyber threats and productivity problems. The team at Corsica can review your current SQL statements and provide recommendations for the best ways to improve as well as optimize existing installs for optimal performance.

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Systems Integration

For your business to run smoothly, all your applications must be communicating with one another. Using custom API, our team of experts can integrate systems and processes within the business for maximum efficiency.

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Microsoft 365 Empowerment

In today’s workplace, communication tools are key to keeping employees, clients and stakeholders engaged. Microsoft 365 is one of the most popular communications applications, but many companies struggle to use it to it’s full potential. Corsica’s M365 experts work with your organization to assess your current environment and provide recommendations on utilization and optimize existing installs for best performance.

CRN Names Corsica Technologies to Its 2021 MSP 500 List

This is the fourth time in a row that Corsica Technologies has been named to the list, and the second year in the Managed Security 100 category. The list, released annually, recognizes the leading North American solution providers that have demonstrated innovative and forward-thinking approaches to managed services.

Success Story

Health Center Credit Union Success Story

Stacy Tallent, President of Heath Care Credit Union, had a tough decision to make - should he hire a full time IT employee or outsource his cybersecurity needs?

Success Story

Honor Flight Success Story

Honor Flight was using a combination of excel files and paper trails to track information. Corsica Technologies helped them to build a custom database system to store and process data more efficiently and securely, minimizing paperwork and data loss.

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