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Cybersecurity and Managed IT Services for Manufacturing

Whether it’s complying with international regulations or managing your information security, our team is here to help you every step of the way with our managed IT services for manufacturing.

Secure, Compliant Managed IT and Cybersecurity Solutions

Managing IT today can feel like an uphill battle, especially if you work in manufacturing. From staying current on regulations to keeping track of security patches, it’s a lot for one team to manage. That’s where Corsica comes in with our managed IT services for manufacturing.

Corsica Technologies is ranked among the world’s top MSPs, and when it comes to IT and security management for the manufacturing industry, we’ve got your back-end covered. Our team of technology experts is here to help you navigate compliance requirements with security-first solutions designed to scale with your needs.

Our managed IT and cybersecurity services go hand-in-hand with the unique needs of manufacturers. And when you partner with Corsica, you get more than a managed IT vendor—you get a strategic technology partner.

Increased Productivity:

  • Time savings: Spend less time managing IT, and more time achieving your KPIs.
  • Cost savings: Get expert support for your IT and security needs, all for around what you’d pay for one full-time hire.
  • Consulting: We’ll work with you to create technology roadmaps that help you use technology to gain a competitive advantage in your industry.
  • 24/7 availability: Most of our customers operate 24/7, and so do we. Our team can provide virtual or on-site assistance day or night.

Security Management

  • Disaster recovery and backups: We know how valuable your data is, so we provide backup services and cloud virtualization to get your back up and running quickly if you lose your data.
  • Foundational cybersecurity: The average malware attack costs millions to resolve. We provide comprehensive, easy-to-implement security that saves your dollars—and your sanity.
  • Event management: Constant incident monitoring allows us to help you prevent minor errors from becoming major security events.

Download now:  The State of Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

Reduce Manufacturing Downtime with Cybersecurity Best Practices

Thirty-nine percent of advanced manufacturing executives say their companies were breached in the past year, and 75% say they lacked resources with essential cybersecurity skills. Cybersecurity is essential to keeping manufacturing businesses running. 

Availability is a key cybersecurity concern in manufacturing. Because downtime means you can’t manufacture your product, you could be losing money for every minute of downtime. In this article, we’ll address concerns specific to manufacturing, share best practices to protect your business, and help you solve the cybersecurity skills gap.


Industry Security and Uptime Considerations 

Like other industries, some of the most serious threats to manufacturers include phishing, ransomware, and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. These can take systems offline or make them unusable.

But in addition to these universal cybersecurity concerns, manufacturers face some specific threats. One is that some legacy production systems rely on outdated applications, making them vulnerable targets for attackers. 

In smart and advanced manufacturing companies, the convergence of IT and operational systems carries risks. While IT is focused on security, operational technologies (OT) are built for availability. They may not be patched on a regular basis because that can take the tech offline. 

Though manufacturers can experience attacks of opportunity, they are also at risk of targeted attacks by those who know that manufacturers are more likely to be using outdated or vulnerable applications. Whatever the motive or source of attack, these risks are why it’s so important to follow best practices. 

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Manufacturers

These are some of the most important cybersecurity best practices for manufacturers to follow. By establishing good cybersecurity hygiene, you minimize the risk of downtime and loss caused by attacks. 

Conduct Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

One of the most important security practices is to regularly perform cybersecurity risk assessments. You may do this annually or more frequently as the cyber threat landscape changes. You can conduct these assessments internally or use a third party. 

A cybersecurity specialist will have expertise and know about emerging threats. Even if you have skilled personnel on staff, a cybersecurity organization can provide risk management guidance. 

Provide Employee Awareness Training

Commonly, attackers will send emails to employees to try to trick them into clicking a link or providing information that will give them access to protected areas of the business. Employee training is essential because phishing and social engineering attacks are common and getting harder to recognize. 

We recommend training employees as frequently and as intensely as you can without interfering with work. A cybersecurity specialist can help set up and customize training for your business. 

Develop a Network Segmentation Strategy

Keeping OT and IT environments separate minimizes the attack surface. Further segmenting these environments lets you better control networks and optimize damage control in case of a breach. 

Automate Monitoring 

With all the servers, network infrastructure devices, SaaS applications, and IoT devices supporting a manufacturing business, it’s impossible to manually review all the log data. A security information event management (SIEM) solution automates the collection and analysis of all system logs. It also improves detection accuracy.

Establish Protocols and Processes

Create your security risk management protocols and processes by first determining what you want to accomplish and then documenting those goals and priorities. That way, you’ll have a guide for your technical configurations.  

Reduce Downtime in Manufacturing

The cyber threat landscape is always changing. Manufacturers can better protect their businesses and overcome skills shortages by partnering with cybersecurity experts to conduct risk assessments, train employees, and establish processes and protocols. 

To learn more about minimizing line downtime, talk to one of Corsica’s specialists in cybersecurity and IT for manufacturing.

Download now: Reduce Manufacturing Downtime with Cybersecurity


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