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Reduce errors and manual work with data integration.

Your team has better things to do than data entry. Connect essential systems with custom integration solutions from an expert team that handles cybersecurity, IT, and digital transformation.

Data Integration Solutions

If you’re relying on spreadsheets, CSVs, and manual data entry, you have a great opportunity to reduce operational expenses and data errors. Data integration provides the ideal solution to data transfer problems arising from legacy systems and processes.

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On Premises Integration

You’ve lived with disconnected systems long enough. It’s time to move data between systems automatically. Our solutions streamline your operations and increase data reliability.

Cloud System Integration

Need to move data from cloud to cloud, or from a legacy system to the cloud–or vice versa? Our cloud system integrations place your data exactly where you need it. 

EDI Integration Solutions

Need to post EDI documents to your backend systems–or communicate directly with significant players in your industry? Our EDI integration services connect you to the business partners who matter most.

Why integrate your data sources?

Business requirements are evolving faster than ever. Simply put, manual data processes aren’t up to the task of supporting your needs. Once you start integrating your data sources, you get benefits that aren’t available any other way.

1. Reduce or eliminate data errors

Human errors happen. This is true of any data process that depends on team members copying and pasting data (or retyping it). The right data integration maps all fields appropriately and runs automatically in the background. You get a cleaner data landscape—and the assurance that all data is correct.

2. Free up your staff for strategic activities

Manual data entry isn’t a great use of the human brain. Your team has talents and skills that can advance your organization—but the drudgery of manual processes is holding them back. With a robust data integration in place, you can elevate your team to work on high-value activities that drive new value for the business.

3. Differentiate your customer experience

Nothing harms customer experience more than customer-facing data errors. Whether it’s missed orders, lost communication, or paper-based processes, data errors have the power to irritate customers. The right data integration places 100% reliable data in everyone’s hands—from internal users to customers and partners.

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Achieve More With Corsica

If you have anything less than total confidence in your current cybersecurity measures–or you just want to outsource the responsibility and take a human-centric cybersecurity approach–consider how we can customize a solution for your business.

Scalability so you don’t need to seek out scarce IT resources

Backup and complementary skills to your existing IT team

Support for your IT team so they can focus on strategic work to better the business

Holistic solutions that manage both your security and IT infrastructure

Flexible offerings, including managed and project-based solutions

The means to automate and digitally transform your business

One-stop product advisement and competitive pricing when buying hardware and software

Personal service and a virtual CIO who serves as your strategic advisor to guide you on your technology journey

How We Deliver

Corsica Secure is our unique package of customizable and integrated cybersecurity and IT management solutions built around the way your business operates. We offer three tiers to give you the level of service your organization needs. 

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