Safeguard Banking Customers from Cyber Threats

Protect data while meeting regulatory requirements by engaging a trusted partner who can help with all your IT and cybersecurity needs. Corsica Technologies has 22 years of experience serving banks and credit unions.
Corsica Technologies Recognized as Top-Performing MSP Partner by N-Able Technologies

Augment your team with managed IT & cybersecurity for banking

Banks and credit unions are prime targets for cyber attacks. Yet there’s a high demand for IT and cybersecurity professionals, which makes it hard to find and retain skilled resources–particularly as your IT team is busy handling the needs of the business. Add rigorous compliance requirements, and banks face a tough burden in cybersecurity and IT.

What’s the solution? Partner with a managed service provider who knows the needs of banks inside and out.

Welcome to Corsica SecureTM for Banking

Don’t get stuck in the weeds with IT and cyber. Our team fills in when and where you need it. We can help with everything from completing one-off IT tasks to developing a long-term cybersecurity strategy.

Real-time monitoring for network and data protection
Online security awareness training
Regulatory compliance to protect against fines and audits
Back-up and disaster recovery to ensure business continuity
Expertise and support during emergencies and mandated IT audits

Why Choose Corsica?

Gain a Virtual CIO/CISO

If you don’t have a C-level resource on staff, Corsica provides a virtual CIO/CISO to give you the power of deep domain expertise without the high cost.

Unite IT and Cybersecurity

Most managed IT providers outsource their cybersecurity services. With Corsica, you get our in-house cyber experts working alongside IT experts from your team and ours to provide a holistic security solution.

Get Tailored Recommendations

Every bank has unique needs. That’s why we start our partnership by learning about your goals and challenges. We then customize solutions and serve as a single stop for competitively priced hardware and software. We can also help you get the best rate on cyber insurance.

Gain Complete Transparency

Some managed service providers keep clients in the dark to protect their own interests. Corsica provides total transparency with our proprietary client dashboards.

Enhance Security and IT Efficiency


We fill in as needed so you don’t have to seek out additional resources or overwork your team.


Our specialists complement and back up the skill set of your in-house team.


Your IT department can focus on strategic work to better the business.


Corsica helps automate processes while protecting company and customer data.

“We wrestled with the decision of hiring a full-time person who would have been a credit union employee versus outsourcing it to a company. And for about the same dollars, we had a full 24/7 company versus a single employee.”

Stacy Tallent, President of Health Center Credit Union (now Georgia’s Own Credit Union)

What You Get

3-Year Technology Roadmap

If you don’t have the right technology, you can’t expect to hit your long-term targets. Our experts listen to your goals and devise a detailed roadmap to get you there.

Client Portal Access

Corsica provides access to dashboards where you can view service tickets, see activity overviews, and examine trends that help you run your organization better.

Cloud System Management

Our team helps improve the efficiency and productivity of your IT infrastructure by managing your cloud environments.

Event Management

Do you have a plan to respond to cyber incidents rapidly and effectively? We not only diminish threats and contain breaches, but we facilitate a quick recovery.

Strategic Consulting

A Corsica virtual chief information officer (vCIO) partners with your team to detail and implement security, compliance, and governance policies and procedures.

Security Assessments & Training

Corsica identifies risks and vulnerabilities to help prevent cyberattacks. We also design employee training and recommend best-in-class solutions.

24/7/365 Support

Our managed IT services for banking include system monitoring, data backup, event protection, and incident response and recovery. We also offer virtual and on-site IT assistance.

VoIP Services

Our team provides VoIP assistance, including consultations, solution recommendations and implementation, and ongoing management.

Ease the Burden on Your IT Team

Corsica Technologies gives your bank access to the IT and cybersecurity expertise you need to improve compliance, efficiency, and security hygiene. Our specialists work with you to create better processes and protect the assets of your institution and customers.