Protect Your Financial Assets Against Cyber Attacks

Safeguard financial data and simplify compliance by engaging a trusted partner who supplements your IT and cybersecurity efforts. Corsica Technologies has 22 years’ experience serving financial institutions.


Supplement Your Finance Team with IT and Cyber Experts

Cyber attacks are getting more targeted and sophisticated, particularly in the world of finance. It’s tough to find skilled resources—and even harder to keep them on payroll.

The same is true of specialized IT disciplines like networking, datacenter management, and cloud technologies. Your IT team has their hands full managing business applications—which leaves a hole in your IT coverage.

What if you could find a provider who handles IT and cybersecurity with a focus on financial institutions?

Welcome to Corsica SecureTM for Finance

Don’t get bogged down in the technical side of IT and cybersecurity. Our team fills in your gaps with a strategic focus on the IT and security challenges of the finance industry. With Corsica SecureTM, you get:

Real-time monitoring for network and data protection
Online security awareness training
Regulatory compliance to protect against fines and audits
Back-up and disaster recovery to ensure business continuity
Expertise and support during emergencies and mandated IT audits

Why Choose Corsica?

Gain a Virtual CIO/CISO

Don’t have that C-level resource on staff? A virtual CIO/CISO from Corsica gives you the power of deep domain expertise without the high cost.

Cover IT and Cyber Together

Most managed IT providers actually outsource their cybersecurity services. Here at Corsica, you get our in-house cyber experts working alongside IT experts from your team and ours to create holistic security.

Get Tailored Recommendations

Every finance company is unique. That’s why we listen to your challenges, then devise solutions. You’ll find one-stop hardware and software at competitive prices.

Get Total Transparency

Other managed providers keep clients in the dark to protect their own interests. Corsica gives you complete transparency with our proprietary client dashboards.

Boost Financial IT Efficiency and Security


There’s no need to seek out scarce IT resources or overwork your team.


Our specialists complement and back up the skill set of your in-house team.


Your IT department can focus on strategic work to better the business.


Our team helps automate processes while protecting company and customer data.

“The vendor requests we get on an annual basis from our clients, and from potential clients, have questions that our IT team can’t answer. Only a specific and special IT firm can answer them…and that’s why we had to get Corsica on board.”

David Phillips, President, Crypton Mobile

What You Get

3-Year Technology Roadmap

Do you know how to hit your long-term targets with the right technology? Our experts listen to your goals and devise a detailed roadmap to get you there.

Client Portal Access

You get access to dashboards where you can view service tickets, see activity overviews, and examine trends that help you run your organization better.

Cloud System Management

Corsica improves the efficiency and productivity of your IT infrastructure by managing your cloud environments.

Event Management

We help you respond to incidents rapidly and effectively. We not only diminish threats and contain breaches but help your organization recover quickly.

Strategic Consulting

A Corsica virtual chief information officer (vCIO) works with your team to define and implement security, compliance, and governance policies and procedures.

Security Assessments & Training

Corsica helps identify risks and weaknesses to prevent cyberattacks. We also design employee training and recommend best-in-class solutions.

24/7/365 Support

We provide system monitoring, data backup, event protection, and incident response and recovery. We also offer virtual and on-site IT assistance.

VoIP Services

Corsica provides VoIP assistance, including consultations, solution recommendations and implementation, and ongoing management.

Lighten the Load for Your IT Team

Corsica Technologies gives your company access to IT and cybersecurity expertise that improves compliance, efficiency, and security hygiene. Our specialists partner with you to create better processes and protect the assets of your organization and customers.