Corsica Technology Partners

We help connect your company with the best hardware and software solutions for your business needs. We partner with vendors that provide the highest quality solutions and service.

Adobe provides multimedia and creativity software products.


APC offers uninterruptible power supply and protects devices and data from power surges and outages.

Cisco Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and vendor of networking equipment and software, and they offer related services.

Cisco Meraki is a Cisco-owned company that offers wireless, switching, security, enterprise mobility management, and security cameras, all centrally managed from the web.

Datto offers business continuity disaster recovery (BCDR), remote monitoring and management (RMM), and professional services automation (PSA) networking solutions.

Dell Technologies provides computers, servers, smartphones, televisions, computer software, and other world-class products and solutions.

Fortinet offers products and software for information security like firewalls, antivirus programs, and intrusion detection systems.

HP logo

HP provides computers, printers, monitors and computer software.

HPE provides servers, storage, networking, containerization software, consulting, and support.

KnowBe4 offers integrated security awareness training, a simulated phishing platform, security products and services, phishing tools, security awareness tools, password tools, email security tools, and malware tools.

Lenovo provides computers, monitors, and computer software.  

Microsoft provides Microsoft 365, Office Suite, Edge web browser, and Microsoft Surface computer products.

Veeam offers disaster recovery and modern data protection software.

VMware provides cloud computing virtualization computer software.

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