In an increasingly complex technology landscape, you need an IT partner focused on security that can proactively manage today’s issues while helping you plan for tomorrow.

A Security Foundation You Can Build On

Our team of experts has 250+ combined years of experience keeping businesses like yours safe. We’ll assess your business for security risks and help you build a proactive plan that keeps you, your employees, and your data secure.

Information Security Risk Assessment

We’ll analyze your current security posture and technology configuration and build a detailed roadmap identifying weaknesses and prioritizing solutions.

Compliance Gap Assessments

We identify gaps or deficiencies in your company’s compliance or security program, such as regulatory violations and incomplete data security requirements.

Penetration Testing

This assessment identifies vulnerabilities hackers might use to compromise the integrity of your systems, allowing you to understand and mitigate security risks.

Virtual CISO (VCISO Services)

Our virtual Chief Information and Security Officers (vCISOs) are your strategic technology partners, helping you plan for future IT needs.

Incident Response Containment

If a security breach does happen, we’re here to help you mitigate any damage and downtime and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Client Success Stories

Medpoint Success Story

Rich Alberti, COO with Medpoint describes why he chose to partner with Corsica Technologies. He knew he was gaining a team of local, expert resources with knowledge to help interpret cybersecurity.

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Crypton Mobile Success Story

Crypton Mobile was looking for an IT partner that could assist in 24x7x365 monitoring solutions. Corsica Technologies operates two geographically redundant Security Operation Centers (SOC).

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Corsica Technologies brings together the brightest minds in IT with your business to create efficiencies through technology. From modernizing your infrastructure and data to developing turn-key solutions to improve business outcomes, our team of dedicated engineers work with you to solve your toughest challenges.