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Cybersecurity is a distinct need with considerations and risks that can change in an instant. Cybersecurity requires constant attention and if a threat arises, there’s no time to assemble a team to get up to speed. Corsica customers can get the whole package of managed services with cybersecurity to fill all the skill and resource gaps your teams face.

A managed security services provider (MSSP) is focused on security services, while a managed services provider (MSP) offers general IT services. Many companies need both kinds of services, and choosing a partner that does both ensures they have a better understanding of what your company needs. Corsica is a comprehensive service provider that is both an MSP and an MSSP. We offer cybersecurity, managed IT, or a combination of services from a single, integrated team, depending on your organization’s needs.

Look for a partner that offers dependability, experience, a respected reputation, always-on protection, a proactive approach to security, and expertise in cybersecurity, cloud services, and digital transformation. In addition to checking company reviews and testimonials, ask companies about their experience, standards, training, certifications, and track record. Cyber security doesn’t stop at the response to an alert–there must be a team behind the cyber security team that is able to remediate and resolve the issues 24/7.

A partner like Corsica will provide specialized support to your internal staff and remove the burden of trying to find and keep security resources that may be scarce. Our teams don’t intend to replace internal teams–just provide security and IT support and fill in gaps so your teams can focus on the needs of the business. You get access to certified cybersecurity experts who are familiar with current and impending threats and can provide safeguards and resolutions.

Corsica works with organizations of various sizes and in different stages of their technology journey. Small to mid-sized IT teams are often staffed with excellent IT generalists, but they may lack the expertise and resources to manage an overwhelming number of tools and security alerts. 

You get the benefits of both an MSSP and MSP, and your provider can respond better to cyber threats because they understand your infrastructure. You get dependable, up-to-date security expertise in a rapidly changing threat landscape. A comprehensive provider can fill skill gaps and manage projects your teams don’t have time for. And they will essentially protect your business and keep it running efficiently by offering: 

  • 24/7/365 service
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Cost predictability
  • Quick response times 
  • Proactive system monitoring 
  • Scalability to evolve with your business
  • Access to certified professionals with ongoing training

Corsica will provide your team with access to a team of professionals including a vCIO (virtual CIO) who is your main point of contact and can connect you with the experts and technical resources you need. We build personalized client relationships with the intention of becoming an extension of your team and helping you succeed.

Our team of cybersecurity experts works to make your job easier by providing managed services for projects your team doesn’t have time or expertise for. We work as TSP partners with your IT teams to ensure compliance and protection of your business 24/7. The Corsica Technologies team collectively holds dozens of certifications to ensure we have expertise in the areas you need most.

Corsica provides a holistic solution with a personal touch. We provide integrated IT and cybersecurity solutions from a unified team, meaning we can help you establish an IT strategy as well as detect and mitigate threats. This complete cyber solution simplifies and speeds responsiveness so threats don’t interrupt the day-to-day operations of your business.  

As a comprehensive solution provider, we offer cybersecurity with IT services and consulting, project-based services, cloud services, and digital transformation roadmaps, implementation, and management.

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