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Cloud Systems Management

Avoid the capex expense and hassle of physical servers by moving your infrastructure to the cloud with our cloud systems management service. Our cloud clients can take advantage of the cost savings and improved service to off-site team members while maintaining the ability to remain nimble as business scales up or down.

Cloud Systems Management

Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud can provide numerous benefits. At Corsica Technologies, we offer cloud systems management to simplify the process. Hosting your IT systems on the cloud is a cost-effective and scalable strategy for many businesses. 

Cloud managed services are hosted by a third party, meaning you do not have to install, manage, host, or support these systems on your company property. Our goal at Corsica Technologies is to help you navigate the world of the cloud to ensure you get what is most advantageous for your business.

Benefits of Cloud Management Services From Corsica Technologies

Partnering with Corsica Technologies for cloud systems management offers numerous benefits. Our primary goal is to help you efficiently manage your cloud through help from our experienced professionals. Some of the advantages of choosing Corsica Technologies for cloud management include:

Windows Server Projects

We can advise your next Windows server project by helping you determine which factors are essential for consideration. Our team will also advise you on what questions you should ask, and we’ll assist with managing the project.

Server Virtualization

Our server virtualization benefits are extensive. We use this service to help eliminate server sprawl and increase resource efficiency. It also assists with disaster recovery, server administration, testing, and server availability. 

Microsoft 365

We help you with Microsoft 365 on your cloud-based system. It is accessible from anywhere and available whenever you need it. It is a flexible service designed to support your business team and operations.

Corsica Secure℠

Corsica Secure℠ is our full-scale MSP plan that combines IT services and cybersecurity measures. Choosing Corsica Technologies for cloud management services provides access to everything you need for a strong IT infrastructure, plus cybersecurity protections.

Our Corsica Secure℠ package comes in multiple tiers to help businesses at any level of services. Other advantages of Corsica Secure℠ include:

  • Client portal: Our client portal provides transparency into our actions as your managed IT service provider. You can get updates, view support tickets, and more using the portal’s dashboard.
  • Technology road map: We create a three-year road map outlining your predicted costs, business objectives, and goals for technology. It can highlight areas where you can eliminate ineffective systems or programs so you have more resources to use elsewhere.
  • Consulting services: We provide a virtual chief information officer (vCIO) who understands risk management and IT. The vCIO will work with your teams on compliance, security, and governance policies.

Contact Us Today for Cloud Systems Management

Cloud systems management from Corsica Technologies allows us to manage your cloud service so you can focus on other business operations. We can help with server visualization, Microsoft 365, and Windows server products. With plans like Corsica Secure℠, we can provide complete IT and cybersecurity services.

Corsica Technologies is here for you, whether you want us to work with your current IT team or outsource the department entirely. Sign up for one of our plans today to have access to a 24/7 help desk. Contact us online today to learn more about our cloud management.


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