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Digital Transformation Consultant Services to Modernize Your Business

Your business is the intersection of people, processes and technology. We’ll help you modernize your current applications, connect your data and prepare you for what’s next.

Transform the Way You Work

Moving your physical data center and business applications to the cloud has numerous benefits, including lowering costs and increasing productivity. But digital transformation also has security benefits, like better business continuity and easier data recovery. We can help you modernize and digitize your current processes, manage your cloud environment and optimize it for efficiency and security. Learn what to look for when hiring a digital transformation company.

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Technology Immersion Consultation

At Corsica, we always start with a Why. Why are you interested in modernizing your applications and processes now? Many businesses know they need to upgrade their technology but often lack a clear understanding of what solutions are available and will be best for their business. That’s where Corsica comes in. Our digital transformation experts help start the journey with an in-depth assessment and review of systems, business goals and technology and provide a roadmap to get you there.

Custom Software Development And Support

If you’re struggling to keep your software current or don’t have the expertise to monitor or support your applications, Corsica can help you make the most of your investment. We offer software support and monitoring that can provide cost predictability and more rapid response when you need it most.

Custom Web And Mobile Application Development

Creating engaging and functional web and mobile experiences is becoming a necessary, but complex, requirement for businesses today. Our experts can work with you to develop a custom mobile or web application that will improve business processes, data management, and drive superior customer experiences.

AI Strategy Consulting

Is your organization leveraging AI, or are you sitting on the sidelines? Every company stands to gain from AI–but the key is to understand what it means in your operational context. Engage our AI consulting services to connect your opportunities with the latest in AI technology. 

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Application Modernization

If you’re frustrated by your slow and outdated applications, Corscia can help. We’ll review your current technology and create a plan to replace or update your aging applications with modern, efficient, and maintainable systems.

Database Migration

Are your Enterprise Resource System (ERP) SQL servers causing headaches? Corsica’s experts can review your current database setup and provide recommendations for the best ways to improve as well as optimize existing installs for optimal performance.

Systems And Data Integration

For your business to run smoothly, all your applications need to efficiently and effectively communicate with one another. Using data integration and custom APIs, our team of experts can integrate systems and processes within the business for maximum efficiency.

Microsoft 365 Empowerment

In today’s workplace, communication tools are key to keeping employees, clients and stakeholders engaged. Microsoft 365 is one of the most popular collaboration ecosystems, but many companies struggle to use it to its full potential. Our Microsoft experts work with you to assess how you are currently using Micrsoft 365 and outline how you could be using it better. Leverage the full potential of integrated collaboration and communication tools to work smarter and faster

Client Success Stories

HIPAA Compliance and Cloud Migration presentation graphic.

HIPAA Compliance and Cloud Migration

For any healthcare provider, patients and their care come first. But with more of the healthcare industry transitioning to digital platforms, providers today are doing double duty between managing patients and managing growing IT needs. Faced with mounting digital complexity

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Transformation Through Process Automation case study title page.

Transformation Through Process Automation

Manual processes have always been a roadblock for organizations who want to modernize their organizations. Many times, businesses lack the internal resources and knowledge to know where to start, let alone how to build a digital transformation plan. Done right,

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Take the First Step to Digital Transformation

Corsica Technologies brings together the brightest minds in IT with your business to create efficiencies through technology. From modernizing your infrastructure and data to developing turn-key solutions to improve business outcomes, our team of dedicated engineers work with you to solve your toughest challenges.

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