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Managed IT and Cybersecurity for Non-Profit and Education

We understand the unique needs of nonprofit and educational institutions, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Security You Can Rely On (And Afford)

We know how tight budgets are today for nonprofits and educational institutions, and how hard it can be to balance what you need with the resources you have. That’s why we’ll work with you to design a solution that meets your technology, security and financial needs.

Corsica Technologies is ranked among the world’s top MSPs, and our team of technology experts is here to help you navigate the often-complex regulatory landscape required for nonprofits and educators. Our team has expert-level knowledge of international and state-level regulations that will help you stay compliant, and your information secure.

Our Comprehensive Technology and Security Solutions are Designed with You in Mind:

  • Network Defense: We continually monitor your network to proactively identify, respond to, and resolve security incidents before they become critical.
  • Risk Assessment: Our experts will evaluate your current technology and security capabilities to identify any weaknesses and prepare a custom strategy for improvement.
  • Disaster Recovery: When the unexpected happens, you’ll be prepared. We provide disaster recovery through regular back-ups, and we house compliance documents off-site.
  • Awareness and Training: We’ll teach you and your staff how to spot malware, phishing scams and other security red flags to help keep your institution, and your confidential data, safe.

More than Managed IT

When you choose Corsica, you’re getting a team of dedicated experts with a combined 250+ years of IT and security experience. But the benefits don’t stop with our expertise:

Increased Productivity:

  • Time savings: Spend less time managing IT, and more time working on what’s important for your organization.
  • Cost savings: Get expert support for your IT and security needs, all for around what you’d pay for one full-time hire.
  • Consulting: We’ll work with you to create technology roadmaps that help you use technology to gain a competitive advantage in your industry.
  • 24/7 availability: Most of our customers operate 24/7, and so do we. Our team can provide virtual or on-site assistance day or night.

Security Management

  • Disaster recovery and backups: We know how valuable your data is, so we provide backup services and cloud virtualization to get your back up and running quickly if you lose your data.
  • Foundational cybersecurity: The average malware attack costs millions to resolve. We provide comprehensive, easy-to-implement security that saves your dollars—and your sanity.
  • Event management: Constant incident monitoring allows us to help you prevent minor errors from becoming major security events.

Cyberbullying Monitoring

  • Through digital transformation initiatives, managed IT services can develop custom software solutions that harness the power of AI.
  • This proactively detects and addresses instances of cyberbullying, ensuring enhanced online safety in an evolving digital landscape.
  • Learn more here.
Through digital transformation initiatives, managed IT services can develop custom software solutions that harness the power of AI.
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