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Leverage the power that only AI consulting can provide.

Ready to chart your path forward with AI?

Our expert consultants help define your AI strategy, data governance, and cybersecurity. Don’t wait to differentiate—the power of AI is here.

AI rewards early adopters.


of companies have deployed AI solutions.



of business owners believe AI can improve customer relationships.



of businesses believe AI provides a competitive edge over rivals.

—Authority Hacker

Yet AI comes with new challenges.

AI is the biggest technological disruption since the internet. Consequently, it brings new challenges for companies that choose to lead the pack.

  • Enforcing data governance
  • Locking down cybersecurity
  • Replacing legacy processes
  • Transforming company culture

If you haven’t led this type of transformation before, it’s challenging to chart a path for success. How do you define what AI looks like at your organization—then implement it and see real results?

Welcome to Corsica’s Strategic AI Consulting.

When it comes to AI, you don’t have to go it alone. 

Our specialists advise on all aspects of AI strategy at your organization through a highly collaborative process. From data governance to cybersecurity, we leave no stone unturned.

The result? You get the policies, processes, and AI solutions you need to delight customers, lead the pack, and reduce costs.

  • Microsoft Copilot
  • ChatGPT
  • Google Cloud AI Platform
  • Salesforce Einstein
  • Azure AI Services

We consult on top AI solutions

Microsoft 365 Copilot Consulting - Corsica Technologies
Microsoft Copilot
ChatGPT Consulting - Corsica Technologies
Google Cloud AI Platform Consulting - Corsica Technologies
Google Cloud AI Platform
Salesforce Einstein Consulting - Corsica Technologies
Salesforce Einstein
Azure AI Services

Charting your course with AI?

Start with our AI policy template.

We cover roles and responsibilities, policy statements, enforcement, and more.

We promise:

1. To engage deeply with your current systems and processes

3. To connect your opportunities with the latest in AI technology

2. To listen empathically to every stakeholder’s perspective

4. To create a clear, actionable plan for next steps

Ready to get started?

The process is simple.

1. Book a consultation.

2. Collaborate with our specialists to develop a vision and a plan.

3. Schedule your kickoff.

Why engage a consultancy for AI strategy?

1. Bring in the outside perspective you need

It can be hard to chart a new course when legacy processes prevail. An outside consultancy connects the dots between the latest in AI strategy and the challenges you face—all while building consensus among stakeholders.

AI consultancies provide outside perspective - Corsica Technologies
Lead your organization to AI mastery - Corsica Technologies

2. Lead your organization toward AI mastery

Stakeholders may resist change when they can’t envision the positive outcome. Consulting provides the leadership you need to align everyone around a singular vision—one in which AI drives differentiation, growth, and customer relationships.

3. Get in on the ground floor of the AI revolution

Simply put, your transformation will move faster with an expert guiding your way. This puts you on the fast track to eliminate costs, stand out from the competition, and usher in the next phase of your strategic journey.

What can AI consulting do for you?

From 24×7 customer service, to HR assistance and more, AI chatbots can direct users efficiently without the need for human intervention. The key is to think strategically and maximize value for end users—whether they’re employees or customers.

From medical equipment to manufacturing machines and more, AI can help you spot maintenance issues before they turn critical. This helps you eliminate downtime and keep your operations running smoothly.

It’s impossible for a human being to handle every single alert generated by IT monitoring systems. The signal easily gets lost in the noise. That’s why AI is a game-changer for IT and cybersecurity alerting. It empowers you to look at the things that matter most.

Do you still use paper for processes like accounts receivable, accounts payable, and inventory management? If so, you can eliminate drudgery and errors with AI. Doing so allows your employees to work on higher-value activities.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to AI for finance. From risk management to compliance, forecasting to historical analysis, AI is the ideal tool to assist with precise, strategic financial decision-making. You can eliminate guesswork and surprises while improving your bottom line.

The healthcare industry is feeling the crunch of increasing complexity and limited human resources. That’s why forward-thinking organizations are leveraging AI to manage records, assist with compliance, and even recommend treatment.

Manufacturing industries are practically begging for AI. Legacy processes create inefficiency, errors, and defective products. Leveraging AI strategically helps you tighten your operations while also saving money.


What is AI strategy consulting?

AI strategy is an organization’s vision and concrete plan for leveraging AI technologies to drive differentiation, business growth, and process optimization. AI strategy consulting is the process of engaging an expert partner to assist in defining and implementing this strategy.

What does an AI consultant do?

AI consultants collaborate with business leaders to establish AI use cases, define transformation projects, and assist with the successful launch and adoption of AI solutions.

What is an example of AI consulting?

Say a business wants to implement Microsoft Copilot for internal users, but they’re not sure exactly how Copilot can help their team across different departments and applications. An AI consultancy can provide strategic guidance on what the organization can achieve with AI. They can also advise on data governance and any transformation required to prepare for AI, as well as address any cybersecurity concerns. Depending on the consultancy, they may also conduct the implementation and offer support after the solution launches.

What are the biggest missed opportunities in AI strategy?

The answer depends on the industry, but a good AI consultancy can uncover these in the context of your business. Missed opportunities typically include productivity increases from generative AI, efficiency gains in customer service, error reduction in internal processes, and more.

What sets apart the best AI consultancies?

Some AI consultancies will try to transform an entire organization in one giant project. The best consultancies look at transformation from an iterative perspective. They won’t let you bite off more than you can chew. Rather, they’ll advise on a gradual series of transformation projects, each one with guardrails in place. This ensures that every stage of AI transformation is manageable and highly attainable.

Why choose Corsica for AI consulting services?

Corsica specializes in assisting companies to leverage AI to improve customer experience, automate internal efficiencies, and increase overall profitability.

As your AI consultant, Corsica will:

  • Act as your Organization’s Conversational AI Strategy Expert (Consulting)
  • Create an Immersion Project to determine best use of AI for your business (Analysis)
  • Manage a solution selection of RFx process using “off the shelf” solutions (AI Procurement)
  • Leverage AI-powered Software Development:
    1. Identify the Problem that needs solving
    2. Gather Data
    3. Clean & Prepare Data for Model Training
    4. Choose the Best AI technology
    5. Build and Train the Model
    6. Test the Model
    7. Deploy and Maintain/Improve the Model 


Don’t wait to define your AI strategy.

It’s time to chart a course with AI—one that differentiates your business, reduces costs, and strengthens customer relationships.