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Unlimited technology services.
One predictable price.

Need stronger security, rock-solid IT support, and a dependable 24/7 team?

Get it all with Corsica Secure 

  • Managed Cybersecurity 
  • Managed IT Services 
  • Data Integration + EDI 
  • Unlimited Support + Hardware

Right-fit technology services.

Corsica Secure

Unlimited Security, Servers, Workstations and Network Support

The Corsica Secure plan is the perfect combination of operational support and strategic partnership. This package includes unlimited users, workstations, tickets and the use of the Corsica Secure portal. 

vCIO Services - Outside perspective - Corsica Technologies
Corsica Secure - Comprehensive technology services - IT, Cybersecurity, EDI, Digital Transformation

Why choose Corsica Secure?

While every MSP out there offers cybersecurity and IT, we also focus on nextgen solutions that will future-proof and grow your business. Corsica Secure includes cloud integration and migration services (Microsoft 365, Intune, Sharepoint/OneDrive) and secure data integration services (EDI).  

Corsica has bundled the key technology services and consulting into a single offering. We extend beyond the typical IT/Cyber into your cloud productivity applications to make sure that you are leveraging all the tools you are paying for.

Corsica delivers on the partnership and that starts with the first experience through the last.  Everything from our contracts to billing to attitude will show you we are a part of your team, ready to work alongside you and your company to make sure that technology is contributing to your business success. 

Our goal is to empower your growth, reduce your costs, and protect your assets through technology. To achieve this, we start with a robust security offering, which is the foundation of any healthy IT environment. On top of this, we work with your organization to plan a long-term technology strategy.  Corsica provides a robust understanding of the cloud, and data to ensure that all your business is prepared for the future.

In addition, Corsica provides a true fixed-fee billing structure:

  1. No increases for users/workstations/servers
  2. No out-of-scope billing
  3. Easy to understand invoicing

You get our services, PLUS:

Expert Consulting

Your vCIO (virtual CIO) works with your stakeholders to define and implement security, compliance, and governance policies  to help you thrive.

3-Year Technology Roadmap

No more surprises! Your vCIO collaborates with you to develop and maintain a custom technology roadmap to support your company initiatives. 

Real-Time Client Portal

Use your dashboards to see service tickets and activity overviews, PLUS analyze trends that help you run your business better.

Cybersecurity Service Guarantee

Who’s going to fix things if an incident happens? Our Service Guarantee provides coverage for containment, eradication, and recovery.

Corsica Secure Details

Cyber Service Guarantee

Corsica Secure2024

Unlimited Coverage

Corsica Secure2024
Unlimited 24/7 Security Monitoring/Response 
Unlimited Security Incident Remediation/Support 
Unlimited Security Consulting  
Unlimited Data Center Services 
Unlimited Network Equipment and Support
Unlimited Workstations and Support
Unlimited Help Desk Services

Consulting Services and Deliverables

Corsica Secure2024
Consulting from Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)
Consulting from Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)
3-Year Technology Roadmap for Budgetary Planning
Digital Transformation Consulting
Backup and Disaster Recovery Consulting

Managed Security Services

Corsia Secure2024
Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (MDR)
Infrastructure and Server Monitoring (SIEM)
Corsica Technologies Client Portal
Microsoft 365 Monitoring (SIEM)
Security Alerting and Containment
Endpoint Vulnerability Scanning (Basic)
Dark Web Monitoring
Managed Patching (Windows and third-party)
Secure Internet Gateway
Phish Testing & Security Awareness Training
Information Security Policy Library
Corsica Technologies Client Portal
External Vulnerability Scanning
Corsica Email Protection
Corsica Browser Protection
Corsica Cloud Backup

Cloud Integration Services

Corsica Secure2024
Microsoft 365 Cloud Services
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Cloud Hosted File Sharing Migration & Development (SharePoint/OneDrive)
Cloud Based Endpoint Management (Intune)

Managed Server Services

Corsica Secure2024
Managed Server (on-premise or cloud)
Backup Monitoring and Remediation
Microsoft 365 Administration
Active Directory Administration
Managed Workstations

Managed Network Services

Corsica Secure2024
Preventative Maintenance
Managed Network Devices (Firewall, Switch, WAP)

Industry Accolades

Corsica Technologies Google Reviews 4.8 black font.
Microsoft Gold Partner black text

Client Success Stories

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Getting Back to Business After a Ransomware Attack

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HIPAA Compliance and Cloud Migration presentation graphic.

HIPAA Compliance and Cloud Migration

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Global enterprises have the resources to hire the staff they need to cover every technology function.


For the rest of us, it’s tough to meet your needs with staff resources alone. A good MSP is flexible, ready to provide fully managed services (if you don’t have a team) or co-managed services alongside existing staff. It’s all about covering your gaps.


In fact, a comprehensive MSP steps in exactly where they’re needed, providing diverse services such as:



If you need help with any of the above, an MSP like Corsica is the answer. That’s why we’re here!

Look for a partner who meets your needs in two essential ways:


  1. The right capabilities and services
  2. Acts like a true partner (easy to work with)


Both components are critical. A partner can have all the right capabilities and services, but if they’re a real pain to work with, the relationship may cause more headaches than it’s worth.


On the other hand, a partner could be great to work with—but if they have inexperienced technicians or they don’t cover all your needs, then things still aren’t working.


In terms of capabilities and services, look for a partner who covers all your needs:



In terms of finding a provider who acts as a true partner, look for these characteristics:


  • Unlimited technology services for one predictable monthly price (i.e. no nickel-and-diming)
  • Approachable, professional, and empathetic
  • Has a “can-do”attitude


Here at Corsica Technologies, we’ve got it all covered. From unlimited services to predictable pricing and a “can-do” company culture, we’re making life easier for the people we serve. Contact us today to see what life could look like as a Corsica client.

Most MSPs claim to be a true partner, but they don’t deliver. Rather than valuing the relationship, they nickel-and-dime their clients when it comes to billing. Fluctuating ticket counts and workstations can create unpredictable invoices. This helps the MSP—but it doesn’t help you.


That’s why we’re fixing the managed services experience for companies that deserve better. We are the only managed service provider to offer unlimited technology services for one predictable price. That’s what makes us so different. It’s really that simple!


As far as our specific services, we cover essential initiatives like IT, cybersecurity, and digital transformation—but we also cover more technologies than most MSPs do. We also handle EDI and data integration services, which are highly specialized.


In other words, you can hand off as much of your technology to us as you want. And you can do it for one simple monthly price.


So no. We’re not just another MSP.


Want more details? See how Corsica compares to the alternatives.

Yes! We’re one of the few technology service providers who covers EDI solutions in addition to standard services like IT and cybersecurity. Our career experts in EDI work closely with our cyber and IT teams to ensure all your essential systems run smoothly—with a strong security practice at the core. 


In fact, this is one of your biggest advantages. It allows you to work with one provider instead of acting as a referee between different partners who don’t care about mutual success. Here’s how our coverage looks:

MSP vs MSSP vs EDI Venn Diagram

Absolutely! Our services are flexible. We can cover all your needs in a “fully managed” scenario—or we can act as an extension of your staff in a “co-managed” scenario. It all comes down to what resources you have today, what you need, and where your gaps and goals are.

Yes! Our services are designed to work around your needs. We are the team that will say YES to your requirements and what you need. We realize that when you need technology support you need a team that will respond and resolve quickly.


Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for.

Cybersecurity is a distinct need that requires constant monitoring as well as a strong strategy. If a threat arises, there’s no time to assemble a team to get up to speed. You need that team in place, and they need sophisticated tools to detect threats, respond, and defend your business.  

Absolutely! Our flagship service package, Corsica Secure, includes consulting from a vCIO/vCISO (virtual CIO/CISO). This C-level leader is a career expert in technology who works alongside you to plan out a 3-year technology roadmap, ensuring you never get blindsided by a technology investment.


We also offer project-driven consulting outside of our recurring services. Just get in touch with us to learn more!

Great question. Everything we do is ultimately about people, and you’ll see that reflected in our day-to-day interactions. You shouldn’t have to deal with techs who don’t care and can’t actually fix the problem. We only hire next-level humans who are career experts in their fields.


Our team is:


  • Approachable and empathic
  • Responsive and respectful
  • Intelligent and experienced
  • Proactive problem-solvers


Our internal processes and operations are built for one purpose—to make life easier for you. To facilitate this, every client has expert personnel assigned to their journey:


  • Customer Experience Advisor
  • Onboarding Admin
  • Account Executive
  • vCIO/vCISO (virtual CIO/CISO)


As far as communication, our team is always available 24/7/365 for any technology problem. Because our pricing is simple, you’ll never get billed more when you need more. It’s all included. This empowers your team to go on doing what they do best—rather than fighting technology problems.

Business Problems. IT Solutions.

Corsica Technologies brings together the brightest minds in IT with your business to create efficiencies through technology. From modernizing your infrastructure and data to developing turn-key solutions to improve business outcomes, our team of dedicated engineers work with you to solve your toughest challenges.

Cybersecurity + IT Insights

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