Corsica Secure MSP Tiers

When you choose Corsica, you’re getting more than an MSP—you’re getting a strategic partner. We’ll help you plan for the security needs of today while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

IT and security custom built for your business

Managing IT in-house is becoming more complex by the day. From cybersecurity and network monitoring to software updates and user management, it’s a lot for one team to handle. The more time you spend managing technology, the less time you have for growing your business. When you choose Corsica, you’re getting more than an MSP—you’re getting a strategic partner.

Corsica Secure Tier 1

While many organizations today have internal IT departments, those teams are often focused on end users, hardware and application management rather than security. Corsica Secure Tier 1 support complements your current IT program and provides a solid security foundation you can build on. We’ll take care of critical issues like patches, updates, and end user security, so your team can focus on internal operations.

Corsica Secure Tier 2

Operating in the cloud increases the time needed to manage data centers servers and updates. Corsica Secure Tier 2 is the perfect combination of operational support and strategic partnership. We work with you to manage cloud operations and security and help you plan an IT roadmap that will help you save time, cut costs and increase your team’s productivity. This package includes all Tier 1 benefits.

Corsica Secure Tier 3

Think you need a full-time hire to run IT at your organization? Our most comprehensive level of support, Corsica Secure Tier 3 gives you all-in-one IT management, security and strategy for approximately what you’d pay for one full-time tech. You get 24/7 support from our team of experts who have the skills and expertise to keep your business up, running, and ready to scale. This package includes all the benefits of Tiers 1 and 2.

Every Corsica Secure Tier includes:

  • 3-year Technology Roadmap: Our team of experts deliver a custom three-year roadmap to support your company initiatives. These roadmaps include predictive price breakdowns and steps you can take to optimize processes and discover revenue opportunities.
  • Consulting Services: Our virtual chief information officers (vCIOs) work with your management and technology teams to define and implement security, compliance and governance policies and procedures designed to help you thrive.
  • Client Portal Access: You’ll have access to dashboards where you can view your service tickets, see activity overviews and understand trends that help you run your business better.

Corsica Technologies is ranked among the world’s top MSPs, and when it comes to IT management, we’ve got your back-end covered. Our team of 24/7 technology experts is here to help you every step of the way. With tiered Managed Services, Professional Services, Digital Transformation, and vCIO Consultations, Corsica can always be the right fit for your organization.

Client Success Stories

Medpoint Success Story

Rich Alberti, COO with Medpoint describes why he chose to partner with Corsica Technologies. He knew he was gaining a team of local, expert resources with knowledge to help interpret cybersecurity.

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Corsica Technologies brings together the brightest minds in IT with your business to create efficiencies through technology. From modernizing your infrastructure and data to developing turn-key solutions to improve business outcomes, our team of dedicated engineers work with you to solve your toughest challenges.

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