Advanced Security Monitoring & Management

DataDefend™ is an integrated security monitoring service that monitors and alerts at the vital host, network, cloud, and file levels. With activities logged and correlated by SIEM technology, our solution allows our analysts to make real-time, informed decisions based on a robust dashboard view of your network.

Advanced Security Monitoring Services

According to research from IBM, the average global cost of a data breach in 2021 exceeded $4 million. Every organization has its vulnerabilities and specific risks, so foundational security alone is not enough. Your business needs advanced cybersecurity monitoring services to stay competitive, compliant, and secure.

Meet those evolving needs with Corsica Technologies, a leader among cybersecurity monitoring companies. Our exclusive DataDefend™ service is an ideal solution for real-time system management. Our in-house team of cybersecurity experts provides oversight and alerts at all levels. We have the advanced knowledge and tools to monitor your network 24/7/365, stopping bad actors before they can access sensitive business data.

Advantages of Cybersecurity Monitoring Services

Benefits of our DataDefend cybersecurity monitoring services include:

  • Complete visibility into your digital landscape: Get a better understanding of how your business activities affect your risks. We’ll ensure your devices and remote work setups are secure. Experienced industry veterans at Corsica Technologies analyze a year or more of data to find patterns, detect vulnerabilities, and create custom plans to enhance your security posture.
  • Around-the-clock oversight: Rest easy knowing a team of highly credentialed professionals is watching over your infrastructure from our network operations center (NOC). Proactive approaches like this keep your organization ahead of potential threats. Experts at Corsica Technologies log activities day and night to protect your business from malware, botnets, data theft, and device breaches.
  • Full-scale incident response: Remediate compromises immediately with assistance from our professionals. We have over 250 collective years of experience to find and resolve incidents like zero-day threats. Our team uses advanced security information and event management (SIEM) tools as part of complete and integrated monitoring. This automated technology adds to our expertise to better identify breach attempts and analyze alerts. Doing so allows real-time adjustments for extended protection. We’re also experts in post-incident forensics to gather evidence and assist in data recovery.
  • Enhanced compliance: Pass audits and obey privacy regulations better with DataDefend. Our thorough oversight prevents incidents a lax compliance posture can create. Corsica Technologies IT professionals have expertise with regulations like GDPR that mandate active protection measures.
  • Scalability: Stay responsive to shifting demands and business growth with a solution that adapts to your changing needs. The Corsica Technologies team automatically reallocates defense tools to meet your organization’s needs and goals.
  • Increase productivity: Limit the chances of an incident and prevent downtime. Our proactive monitoring services help keep your infrastructure available and accessible. We’re so confident in what we do that we back it with the extensive Corsica Technologies service guarantee

Our comprehensive DataDefend services are part of the Corsica Technologies exclusive Corsica SecureSM program. With Corsica Secure, your business gets a full-service, integrated IT management strategy. We can work together to create your custom plan for end-to-end data monitoring and protection.

DataDefend™ defends your business against:

Device Compromise

Unauthorized access to your systems via a server or computer

File-less Malware

And other destructive programs that go unnoticed by even advanced antivirus

Botnet Activity

Covert, remote access and control of a computer to perform criminal activity

System Monitoring

Covert, remote monitoring of device activity in order to gain intelligence

Identity & Credential Theft

Spyware, keyloggers, and look-alike emails and websites designed to capture sensitive information

Zero-Day Threats

Software vulnerabilities that have not been discovered by the developer but have been uncovered by hackers

Sleep Better With Corsica Technologies on Your Side

When you partner with Corsica Technologies for your cybersecurity monitoring services, you get all the benefits DataDefend has to offer. Let’s start designing your company’s proactive solution today — contact us online for more information or schedule a consultation now.

DataDefend™ simplifies compliance and advanced security.

Improved Compliance Standing

  • Pass compliance audits
  • Avoid incidents cause by poor compliance standing
  • Provide those in your care with advanced protection

Streamlined Incidence Response

  • We review network activity within the past 12 months or more
  • We report and make adjustments based on accurate insights
  • We locate the source and location of unauthorized network entry for immediate response

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Add-on Services

Security Awareness Training

Your employees are a vital component of your company’s defense. Our Security Awareness Training offerings are award-winning, effective, and take less than a week to implement.


Microsoft 365 Monitoring

This service uses cutting edge SIEM technology to collect and analyze logs relating to your Microsoft 365 environment providing the ability to monitor and protect individual user accounts and quickly identify anomalies, brute force attacks and account takeovers.


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