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Feeling the pain of EDI complexity?

We’ve got a better way.

Specialized managed services from EDI experts, backed by the operational power of a world-class MSP.

EDI shouldn’t hurt.

Complex solutions require expert services—yet not all EDI providers offer a great experience for their customers. We talk to companies who suffer from: 

  • Poor service
  • Low prioritization
  • Increasing cost
  • Aging solutions
  • Offshore support

What if you could find an EDI partner with a deep background in managed services?

What if you could get it all for a predictable monthly cost?

Welcome to Corsica’s EDI Managed Services.

Make EDI work for you with specialized managed services.

Our affordable EDI service packages go far beyond break/fix. You get dedicated service applied to the continuing growth of your EDI program. Depending on the complexity of the new requirement, your managed service can cover:

  • Adding new fields
  • Mapping data
  • Handling exceptions
  • Adding a new trading partner

Only larger projects require an SOW. You get predictable cost and reliable data flow to keep your business running smoothly—and growing.

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EDI Integration Solutions - Corsica Technologies

Need help with EDI?

Use our FREE EDI RFP template.

Cover all your bases with our comprehensive template. From technical requirements to billing structure, our template empowers you to evaluate vendors in the cold light of day.

Why choose Corsica?

A true MSP for EDI

You get career EDI experts working under the operational structure and service commitments of a world-class MSP.

Easy to work with

No more metered charges for every exception and change. Your service empowers you to grow EDI with your business.

Cybersecurity synergy

We’re also an MSSP. Engage us for managed security alongside EDI, and you’ll get a cohesive approach to critical technology.

Ready to fix EDI?

All major trading partners & technologies supported


EDI integration features

Our specialized managed services include mapping, integration, and ongoing solution management (people, process, and technology). You get automated exchange of transaction documents like:

  • Purchase orders (POs or 850s)
  • Invoices (INVs or 810s)
  • PO change requests and acknowledgements (860/865)
  • Advance ship notices (856 or ASN)
  • And more

Easily integrate to the suppliers and buyers who matter most. We support all popular message formats, routing protocols, and applications. 

  • Message formats: EDI, EDIFACT, cXML, IDOC, and more
  • Routing protocols: HTTPS, AS2, VAN, and more
  • Integration to most ERPs, eProcurement, and eCommerce platforms
Integrate EDI with major buyers and suppliers - Corsica Technology
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Ready to get started?

The process is simple.

1. Book a consultation.

2. Collaborate with our specialists to develop a vision and a plan.

3. Schedule your kickoff.


What is EDI?

EDI (electronic data interchange) is a technology for exchanging business data and documents without the need of paper. Originally developed in the 1970s, EDI remains the dominant method of sending and receiving business documents in numerous industries.

Is EDI outdated?

While it is a legacy technology, EDI remains essential in numerous industries. It’s the standard for exchanging business data and documents like purchase orders, shipment notifications, claims processing, invoices, monthly statements, and more. The staying power of EDI is a testament to its value.

Why choose to invest in EDI?

EDI opens up new opportunities for your organization. You can do business with prominent buyers who will exchange purchase orders, invoices, claims processing, shipment notifications, and other business documents only through EDI. The technology also makes you more efficient, particularly if you rely on manual data entry or paper-based processes.

What are Walmart’s EDI requirements?

Suppliers doing more than 5,500 invoices per year are required to run true EDI through the AS2 communication protocol. Learn more: Walmart’s guide to getting started with EDI.

What are Target’s EDI requirements?

Target does not publicly specify their EDI standards, though suppliers must be able to use EDI to receive purchase orders. Learn more here: Standards for Target suppliers.

Don’t wait to get the EDI services you need.

It’s time to chart a better course with EDI—one that opens up new customer relationships, differentiates your business, and reduces costs.