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Need to integrate EDI to essential systems?

Connect to the customers and suppliers who matter most with a robust EDI integration.

EDI integrations are tough to pull off.

You need career experts who understand not only EDI, but also backend systems and partner requirements—not to mention cybersecurity. It’s a tall order, and most companies don’t have these specialists on staff.

Yet without EDI integration, you have limited options for relationships with customers and suppliers. This translates into missed revenue and smaller market share.

Welcome to Corsica’s EDI Integration Solutions.

Leverage the power of EDI. 

Whether you’ve tried to tackle EDI integration before, or you’re starting from square one, our experts will uncover every business requirement. We collaborate with you to design the ideal EDI solution for your organization. From implementation to ongoing support, we’ve got you covered.

We integrate EDI with:

  • SAP
  • NetSuite
  • QuickBooks
  • Sage
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • And more
EDI Integration Solutions - Corsica Technologies

Get the EDI integration you need


Why integrate EDI?

From government agencies to leading retailers, EDI is the standard technology for B2B transactions. Get your essential systems in place to do business with the partners who matter most in your industry.  

Human data entry is an expensive way to move documents between backend systems. It’s more efficient to set up an EDI integration that automatically handles every business document transfer.

Are your data exchanges getting stuck in a queue? EDI integration handles documents efficiently, creating shorter cycles and greater satisfaction for the customers and partners who matter most.

You can’t get an accurate picture of your business health if your dashboards are never accurate. EDI integration ensures that every business document gets logged appropriately so that you can identify trends and proactively correct issues.

Customers take notice when you create a seamless process for interacting with your organization. Differentiate yourself by reallocating time saved from manual labor to improving customer experience.

Everyone makes mistakes. The right EDI integration maps all fields appropriately–for every document type. This empowers you to reduce or even eliminate errors in processing.

We promise:

1. To engage deeply with your current systems and processes

3. To connect your requirements with the latest in EDI technology

2. To listen empathically to every stakeholder’s perspective

4. To create a clear, actionable plan for next steps

EDI integration features

Turnkey Managed EDI Services - Corsica Technologies

Our turnkey managed service includes mapping, integration, and ongoing solution management (people, process, and technology). You get automated exchange of transaction documents like:

  • Purchase orders (POs or 850s)
  • Invoices (INVs or 810s)
  • PO change requests and acknowledgements (860/865)
  • Advance ship notices (865 or ASN)
  • And more

Easily integrate to the suppliers and buyers who matter most. We support all popular message formats, routing protocols, and applications. 

  • Message formats: EDI, EDIFACT, cXML, IDOC, and more
  • Routing protocols: HTTPS, AS2, VAN, and more
  • Integration to most ERPs, eProcurement, and eCommerce platforms
Integrate EDI with major buyers and suppliers - Corsica Technology

Ready to get started?

The process is simple.

1. Book a consultation.

2. Collaborate with our specialists to develop a vision and a plan.

3. Schedule your kickoff.

Why choose Corsica for EDI services?

Here's what sets us apart from other EDI solution providers.

1. You get access to experts in cybersecurity & IT

How does EDI affect your overall cybersecurity posture? What will you do to mitigate risks? As a full-service provider of IT and cybersecurity services, we offer an integrated approach to EDI solutions—with cybersecurity baked in from the start.

EDI Cybersecurity - Corsica Technologies
EDI Cybersecurity Guarantee

2. You can leverage our Cybersecurity Service Guarantee

If you engage Corsica for cybersecurity managed services, you get our Service Guarantee, which provides coverage for financial losses incurred by a cybersecurity breach.

3. You get a 3-year technology roadmap

Your IT and cybersecurity challenges don’t stop with EDI. Where is your company going in the next 3 years—and what technology will get you there? Our vCIO (virtual CIO) consultants help you chart your course.

3 Year Technology Roadmap - Corsica Technologies


What is EDI?

EDI (electronic data interchange) is a technology for exchanging business data and documents without the need of paper. Originally developed in the 1970s, EDI remains the dominant method of sending and receiving business documents in numerous industries.

Is EDI outdated?

While it is a legacy technology, EDI remains essential in numerous industries. It’s the standard for exchanging business data and documents like purchase orders, shipment notifications, claims processing, invoices, monthly statements, and more. The staying power of EDI is a testament to its value.

Why choose to invest in EDI?

EDI opens up new opportunities for your organization. You can do business with prominent buyers who will exchange purchase orders, invoices, claims processing, shipment notifications, and other business documents only through EDI. The technology also makes you more efficient, particularly if you rely on manual data entry or paper-based processes.

What are Walmart’s EDI requirements?

Suppliers doing more than 5,500 invoices per year are required to run true EDI through the AS2 communication protocol. Learn more: Walmart’s guide to getting started with EDI.

What are Target’s EDI requirements?

Target does not publicly specify their EDI standards, though suppliers must be able to use EDI to receive purchase orders. Learn more here: Standards for Target suppliers.

Don’t wait to get the EDI solution you need.

It’s time to chart a course with EDI—one that opens up new customer relationships, differentiates your business, and reduces costs.