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Run better with a true technology partner.

Whatever your needs or your staff resources, we fit right in—whether fully managed or co-managed.  

  • Cybersecurity 
  • EDI + Data Integration 
  • IT Services 
  • Digital Transformation 

The services you need

One team | One monthly fee

Cybersecurity home icon.

Managed Cybersecurity

We provide consultations, event management, security assessments, and managed cyber security services (MSSP) to avert and respond to threats.

Managed IT

Corsica offers consultations, VOIP service, cloud system management, and 24/7/365 virtual and on-site support.

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Digital Transformation

We improve IT efficiency and security by configuring, modernizing, and integrating digital systems and automating processes throughout your organization.

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EDI + Data Integration

Grow your business with EDI and data integration services. You get career experts in EDI plus the robust service delivery commitments of a leading MSP.

EDI Integration

One-Time Projects

Corsica helps organizations complete integrations, assessments, training, cloud migrations, and other projects that require advanced expertise or significant resources.

Welcome to Corsica Secure.

cybersecurity, it and EDI technology packages to fit your business needs

Corsica Secure

Unlimited service for cybersecurity, IT, EDI, and data integration

The Corsica Secure plan is the perfect combination of operational support and strategic partnership. This package includes unlimited users, workstations, tickets and the use of the Corsica Secure portal. 

Bundled data integration, security, IT and more


How satisfied are you with your technology services today? We work alongside your staff to provide holistic services for 24/7/365 Cybersecurity, IT Managed Services, and EDI—as well as Consulting, Digital Transformation, and one-time projects.

As a comprehensive technology partner, we manage complex environments with diverse and integrated technologies—all with a strong cybersecurity foundation. This empowers your team to get back to work, doing what they do best.

How we deliver home icon.

EDI + Data Integration

Corsica empowers you to grow with EDI by providing:

EDI Integration Services covering all major technologies (HTTPS, AS2, VAN, and more), for new or existing solutions

One flat monthly fee that covers adding new fields, mapping data, handling exceptions, adding trading partners, and more

True EDI service that’s backed by the robust infrastructure, processes, and people of a world-class MSP

Consultations to help you grow your business through EDI

Cybersecurity home icon.


Corsica saves you time and improves cost efficiency by providing:

Managed Security Services (MSSP) with 24/7/365 availability to monitor systems, to back up data, to deter major events, and to respond and to recover from incidents

Security Assessments to identify your risks and recommend best-in-class solutions

Event management to respond to incidents, contain breaches, and to recover from major security events fast and effectively

Consultations to provide you with an ongoing cybersecurity strategy commensurate with the latest threat analysis

Managed IT

We support and supplement your internal teams by offering:

Consultations to help you look ahead and build a comprehensive technology roadmap

Cloud System Management to improve efficiency and productivity of your IT infrastructure

24/7/365 Support including virtual and on-site assistance

VOIP service, from consultation to solution recommendation, to implementation and to ongoing management

Digital transformation home icon.

Digital Transformation

Corsica improves business efficiency and security by configuring and integrating digital systems and automating processes throughout your organization by offering:

Consultations or immersion engagements to assess your goals, technology, and systems so we can customize a roadmap to transformation

Custom development of software, web, and mobile applications–both internal and customer-facing

ERP selection and project management services

Cloud virtualization to simplify database migration, improve data protection, and ensure business continuity

Systems and application modernization by updating and integrating technologies, as well as establishing a plan to efficiently make future replacements and improvements

EDI Integration

One-Time Projects

Our one-time project services help organizations complete projects that require extensive expertise or would exhaust your resources, including:

Technology integrations that are time-consuming and demand specialized knowledge

System and security posture assessments to learn how applications are performing, identify weaknesses, and outline steps for improvement

Compliance gap assessments to see where to make business systems run more efficiently, effectively, and meet compliance requirements

Penetration and wireless breach testing (PENTEST) exposes vulnerabilities so you can proactively address risks and qualify for your cyber insurance coverage

Security training to help keep your teams up to date on compliance, data safety, cybersecurity dangers and best practices

Cloud migrations including Microsoft 365 and other time-intensive migration projects

Tech support staff sitting in a room together reviewing IT reports.

How we deliver

Our goal is to empower your growth, reduce your costs, and protect your assets through technology. To achieve this, we start with a robust security offering, which is the foundation of any healthy IT environment. On top of this, we work with your organization to plan a long-term technology strategy.  Corsica provides a robust understanding of the cloud, and data to ensure that all your business is prepared for the future.

In addition, Corsica provides a true fixed-fee billing structure:

  1. No increases for users/workstations/servers
  2. No out-of-scope billing
  3. Easy to understand invoicing

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