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Offer holistic care with robust cybersecurity and IT services.

Give patients the personalized care and security they need through technology—all while achieving rock-solid HIPAA compliance. Our managed cybersecurity and IT services give you peace of mind, 24/7/365.

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HIPAA Compliance, Simplified.

IT management for the healthcare industry seems to grow more complex by the day. From HIPAA compliance and regulations to managing multiple locations and networks, IT teams can struggle to keep up. That’s why healthcare companies today are turning to Corsica. Our team of technology experts is here to help you every step of the way, with IT solutions built to suit the unique and rigorous requirements of the healthcare industry.

“When someone says ‘Wow, you’ve got a really robust IT system,’ we just smile and say ‘We’ve got Corsica.’ We never question our downtime [or anything else] because we know [Corsica] has it.”

—Dana McConnell, Executive Director, Center for Developmental Services

Any business that electronically processes, stores, transmits, or receives medical records, claims or remittances is required to abide by HIPAA regulations. This can include organizations such as staffing companies, HR departments and other entities outside of a standard healthcare facility.

HPAA currently requires healthcare organizations to complete six annual audits to remain compliant. Regulations also require organizations to retain required documentation for six years from the date of its creation or the date when it last was in effect.

With the complexities of HIPAA compliance, and the burden of completing and retaining annual reviews, healthcare companies need a partner who can help ensure they remain compliant, and PHI remains secure.

Corsica helps healthcare organizations prepare for audits, identify gaps in documentation and compliance and create remediation plans to get you—and keep you—HIPAA compliant. In addition to HIPAA compliance and remediation plans, Corsica offers numerous benefits for healthcare organizations of all sizes. Learn more about hipaa vs hitech for the healthcare industry. 

Increased Productivity:

    • Time savings: Spend less time managing IT, and more time managing your business.

    • Cost savings: Get expert support for your IT and security needs, all for around what you’d pay for one full-time hire.

    • Consulting: We’ll work with you to create technology roadmaps that help you use technology to gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

    • 24/7 availability: Most of our customers operate 24/7, and so do we. Our team can provide virtual or on-site assistance day or night.

Security Management

    • Disaster recovery and backups: We know how valuable your data is, so we provide backup services and cloud virtualization to get your back up and running quickly if you lose your data.

    • Foundational cybersecurity: The average malware attack costs millions to resolve. We provide comprehensive, easy-to-implement security that saves your dollars—and your sanity.

    • Event management: Constant incident monitoring allows us to help you prevent minor errors from becoming major security events.

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