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HIPAA Compliance and Cloud Migration

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HIPAA Compliance and Cloud Migration presentation graphic.

For any healthcare provider, patients and their care come first. But with more of the healthcare industry transitioning to digital platforms, providers today are doing double duty between managing patients and managing growing IT needs. Faced with mounting digital complexity and often under-staffed for their needs, many healthcare providers are turning to managed IT to take over their technology needs so they can focus on patient care.

We recently sat down with Dana McConnel, Executive Director for The Center for Developmental Services, to learn why their healthcare organization chose Corsica as their trusted Managed IT Provider. 

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, the Center for Developmental Services is a network of care providers for children and adults with special needs. By coordinating independent care providers into a singular organization, CDS helps these children and adults obtain the resources they need. Since beginning operations in 2000, CDS has grown to service over 9,000 clients each year.

While this growth reflects the mission of their work, it’s presented challenges in navigating the technology landscape.

“Having six different entities all integrating their networks, our phone systems, the security systems, medical records and HIPAA compliance was very complex.”—Dana McConnell, Executive Director

Because of the intricacies of HIPAA compliance, and the burden of completing and retaining annual reviews, many healthcare companies like CDS are increasing their collaboration with managed IT services providers (MSPs) to ensure they remain compliant, and PHI remains secure.

“HIPAA compliance is one of those things that’s non-negotiable for us. It definitely gives me peace of mind that we have some security in place, and those HIPAA protections.”—Dana McConnell, Executive Director

MSPs help healthcare organizations prepare for audits, identify gaps in documentation and compliance and create remediation plans to achieve, and keep, HIPAA compliance. Corsica ensures all CDS employees are trained in HIPAA Compliance and Security Awareness best practices to avoid a breach of data.

Corsica Technologies provides exclusive HIPAA training programs and guidance for our clients, educating your team on potential issues. We also offer cybersecurity training for employees, heightening their ability to recognize and prevent scams.

Along with security and HIPAA concerns, CDS was also faced with migrating their operations from on-premise servers to the cloud. Cloud services are hosted by a third party, meaning no installing, managing, hosting, or supporting these systems on company property.

Cloud systems management from Corsica Technologies allows us to manage your cloud service so you can focus on other business operations. We can help with server visualization, Microsoft 365, and Windows server products.

Moving IT infrastructure to the cloud can provide numerous benefits for healthcare organizations, including cost-savings and scalability. The CDS team worked with Corsica to develop a migration plan that included data backups, security and full support for a seamless transition.

“Because of Corsica, we didn’t miss a beat. We stayed open for our clients, and that’s a huge deal for us.”—Dana McConnell, Executive Director

IT management for the healthcare industry is growing more complex by the day. That’s why healthcare companies like CDS are turning to Corsica. Our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way, with IT solutions built to suit the unique and rigorous requirements of the healthcare industry. Speak with a member of our team today to learn how Corsica can transform IT at your organization.

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