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Improved Security Capabilities Lead to New Revenue Opportunities

Improved Security Capabilities Lead to New Revenue Opportunities case study title page.

As the business world becomes more distributed, organizations need to be able to support customers no matter where they are located. And the more locations you’re supporting, the greater the security risks, and the greater the need for around-the-clock monitoring and support. To help lighten the load on internal teams, many businesses are partnering with […]

HIPAA Compliance and Cloud Migration

HIPAA Compliance and Cloud Migration presentation graphic.

For any healthcare provider, patients and their care come first. But with more of the healthcare industry transitioning to digital platforms, providers today are doing double duty between managing patients and managing growing IT needs. Faced with mounting digital complexity and often under-staffed for their needs, many healthcare providers are turning to managed IT to […]

Transformation Through Process Automation

Transformation Through Process Automation case study title page.

Manual processes have always been a roadblock for organizations who want to modernize their organizations. Many times, businesses lack the internal resources and knowledge to know where to start, let alone how to build a digital transformation plan. Done right, digital transformation optimizes processes and technology to empower your customers and your employees. The result? […]

Increase Security, Not Headcount

Increase Security, Not Headcount case study title page.

Managing IT today can feel like herding digital cats, especially if you work in finance. From staying current on compliance, to managing security on mobile devices to an ever-increasing list of apps, it’s a lot to manage, especially for smaller institutions. To address growit IT needs, companies typically hire additional internal resources, adding more headcount […]

Managing Healthcare IT on a Global Scale

Managing Healthcare IT on a Global Scale case study title page.

Managing IT today can feel overwhelming, especially if you work in healthcare. From regulatory compliance and regulations to managing multiple locations and networks, companies can struggle to keep up. To navigate this increasingly complicated landscape, companies need a partner they can trust to steer them in the right direction when it comes to IT and […]

Medpoint Success Story

Doctors working at high tech surgical system devices.

Rich Alberti, COO with Medpoint describes why he chose to partner with Corsica Technologies. He knew he was gaining a team of local, expert resources with knowledge to help interpret cybersecurity.

Health Center Credit Union Success Story

Employee for Health Center Credit Union talking about Corsica Technologies.

Stacy Tallent, President of Health Care Credit Union, had a tough decision to make – should he hire a full time IT employee or outsource his cybersecurity needs?