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Transformation Through Process Automation

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Transformation Through Process Automation case study title page.

Manual processes have always been a roadblock for organizations who want to modernize their organizations. Many times, businesses lack the internal resources and knowledge to know where to start, let alone how to build a digital transformation plan. Done right, digital transformation optimizes processes and technology to empower your customers and your employees. The result? Increased efficiency, increased job satisfaction and increased revenue.

A little over 4 years ago, Michael Thena, Honor Flight Network’s Tech Coordinator, approached Corisca for help with a common problem: too much paperwork, and too much time spent on manual information processing.

“We had been running off of an Excel file and a lot of paperwork, and it was just completely time-consuming. When you’re dealing with well over 1,000 veterans, plus their guardians and our team members, it’s a lot of information. And a lot of paperwork. ” —Michael Thena, Tech Coordinator

The Honor Flight Network was formed in 2005 by Jeff Miller and Earl Morse with a mission of honoring our nation’s veterans by bringing them to Washington, DC to visit the memorials and monuments dedicated to their service and sacrifice. Since its formation, the Honor Flight Network has taken more than 245,000 veterans to Washington D.C. The Network currently has over 128 hubs throughout the country dedicated to carrying out the Honor Flight mission and the Network serves over 22,000 veterans each year.

Michael and the Honor Flight team needed a way to turn their mountains of paperwork and manual processes into an automated system. That’s where Corsica came in. We helped the Honor Flight build a custom database system to store and process data more efficiently and securely, minimizing paperwork and data loss.

“The best part of the application, I think, is being able to have everything available at your fingertips, without any pain or a lot of looking. We save a lot of time with the database.”—Max Robison, Vice President

Before Corsica, the Honor Flight team used to lose sleep worrying about last-minute details and stress out having to manually process details for each veteran and their guardian. Now, instead of having to spend flight days digging through paperwork, the team gets to enjoy their time with the veterans, speaking with them to learn their stories and play a more active part in such an important moment in their lives.

“We don’t have to worry about last-minute rushes the morning of the flights. It’s all done ahead of time, and it’s really been a lifesaver.”—Kathy Berkshire, Secretary

Digital Transformation Starts with Corsica

Corisca’s digital transformation experts help start the journey with an in-depth assessment and review of systems, goals and technology and provide a roadmap to get you there.

  • Technology immersion consultations
  • Software support
  • Application modernization
  • Custom software development
  • Custom mobile app development
  • Custom web app development
  • ERP systems selection
  • SQL assessments
  • Systems integrations
  • Microsoft 365 empowerment

“Corsica really has completely transformed how we do what we do.” —Michael Thena, Tech Coordinator

To see how managed IT can transform the way you do business, schedule a personal consultation today.

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