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Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

No matter your line of business, your data is invaluable. Get the resources your business needs to proactively mitigate IT risks before they happen with our award-winning business continuity strategies and cybersecurity solutions..

Disaster Recovery Solutions

All industries benefit from data backup management. You need your valuable data stored in a secure location. However, it’s also beneficial to have continuity and disaster recovery plans in place should a risk become a threat. At Corsica Technologies, we are a disaster recovery as a service (DRAAS) provider, so our team is always ready to help.

As DRAAS providers, we offer resources for disaster recovery, continuity, and cybersecurity concerns. Our team can help you reduce the chances of a data breach and mitigate issues in the event one happens. 

Benefits of a Disaster Recovery as a Service Provider

Our goal as a DRAAS provider is to help you with disaster recovery, continuity, and cybersecurity. When you partner with Corsica Technologies, you can choose from our four solutions, including:

Hybrid Backups

You receive local and cloud backups as part of our hybrid solution. This option helps protect against equipment failure and business-critical data.

Desktop-Level Backups

You will choose the computers you want daily backups for. This solution allows you to quickly restore a desktop whenever necessary.

Bare Metal Backups

You will have faster restoration time with bare-metal backups from Corsica Technologies.

Cloud Service Backups

You can protect vital data from cloud services like Microsoft 365, Dropbox, or G Suite with our comprehensive backup solution.

Benefits of our Backup and Disaster Recovery services:

  • Multiple backups per day
  • Data encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Replicated data stored in bicoastal SOC 2 Type 2 certified data centers
  • Server backups validated on regular intervals
  • Onsite server virtualization in the event of a failure
  • Cloud virtualization in the event of a disaster

Corsica Secure℠

Our full-scale MSP plan, Corsica Secure℠, combines IT services with cybersecurity measures. You will have a well-managed IT infrastructure with cybersecurity protections with Corsica Technologies.

The Corsica Secure℠ packages are multi-tiered to help businesses with needs at various levels receive services. Benefits of choosing Corsica Secure℠ include:

  • Consulting services: We give you a virtual chief information officer (vCIO) who knows IT and risk management. Your vCIO will work directly with your teams on security, governance policies, and compliance measures.
  • Client portal: We have an easy-access client portal so you can monitor what we are doing with your data and cybersecurity. You can use the dashboard to see updates and view support tickets.
  • Technology road map: We develop a three-year road map of your business objectives, technology goals, and predicted costs. The road map can help highlight ineffective systems and programs, allowing you to stop them and divert those resources elsewhere.

Choose Corsica Technologies for Data Backup Management Solutions Today

DRAAS providers like Corsica Technologies let professionals handle your data backups, continuity, and recovery plans. We can help businesses that need hybrid, bare metal, desktop level, or cloud backups. With Corsica Secure℠, our team will help you with IT services, including backup management and cybersecurity.

Whether you want to outsource your IT department or need us to work with your existing team, Corsica Technologies can help. Sign up for a plan today to access our 24/7 help desk. Please contact us online now to learn more about our disaster recovery solutions.


Corsica Technologies Ranked Among World’s Top MSPs

Corsica Technologies has been named as one of the world’s premier managed service providers on the prestigious annual Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings. This ranking identifies top forward-thinking global MSPs and leading trends in Managed Services.


Think a data disaster will never happen to your business? Think again.
Disasters happen, and they can just as easily happen to you. It’s not just cyberattacks that you have to worry about either.

Data loss can result from:
  • A Malicious or Criminal Attack
  • Human Error
  • Using Weak/Stolen/Default Passwords
  • A Local Disaster (Fire/Flood/Spilled Cup of Coffee)
  • Lost or Stolen Devices
  • IT and Business Process Failures
  • Negligent or Uneducated Employees

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