Improved Security Capabilities Lead to New Revenue Opportunities

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As the business world becomes more distributed, organizations need to be able to support customers no matter where they are located. And the more locations you’re supporting, the greater the security risks, and the greater the need for around-the-clock monitoring and support.

To help lighten the load on internal teams, many businesses are partnering with an IT services provider to manage more complex tasks and security needs. When David Phillips, President of Crypton Mobile, needed help managing vendor requests and increasing cybersecurity, he turned to Corsica.

Crypton Mobile is a custom software development company that processes and provides esignature, text message, email and AI solutions with a focus on the consumer finance, banking, real estate and automobile industries.

“We have clients all over the country, and the data we handle is becoming more sensitive.”

David Phillips, President, Crypton Mobile

And with these clients come vendor forms requiring complex answers to questions about security capabilities and regulatory compliance.

“The vendor requests we get on an annual basis from our clients, and from potential clients, have questions that our IT team can’t answer. Only a specific and special IT firm can answer them…and that’s why we had to get Corsica onboard.”

David Phillips, President, Crypton Mobile

With their business operations—and security concerns—expanding, David and the Crypton Mobile team knew they needed to bring in IT experts to help address vendor request issues. David also knew he needed help finding and addressing any holes or gaps in their current IT that could make their processes and infrastructure more secure.

Corsica IT and security solutions are built for the unique needs of businesses like Crypton Mobile. And with Corsica, Crypton is getting more than just an IT vendor—they’re getting a strategic partner to help them grow their business securely.

  • Security posture reviews
    Assess your current strengths and opportunities, then create a custom improvement strategy with a leader among cybersecurity consulting firms.
  • Compliance gap assessments
    Meet or exceed regulatory standards like HIPAA and CMMC. We’ll help you identify where existing compliance may be too lax and prevent costly fines.
  • Technology roadmaps
    Our team of experts deliver a custom three-year roadmap with predictable costs to support your company initiatives.
  • Consulting / vCIO Services
    vCIOs work with your management and technical teams on a regular basis to define and implement security, compliance, and governance policies and procedures to help safeguard your business and help it thrive.

Working with Corsica, David and team have strengthened their cybersecurity posture and streamlined vendor request management. And with expanded capabilities, Crypton Mobile can now go after larger customers with more complex requirements—and higher revenue potential.

“I think [Corsica] is going to give us the opportunity to do business with larger corporations, especially publicly-traded companies. They’re giving us our only opportunity.”

David Phillips, President, Crypton Mobile

How can Corsica help grow your business? Schedule a consultation with our team to find out.

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