Network Maintenance and Monitoring Services

Let Corsica Technologies take full responsibility for your entire business network, which includes 24/7 event management and remote monitoring through our Network Operations Center (NOC)

Network Maintenance and Monitoring Services

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) can handle event management and remote monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have staff at the NOC all year round, including holidays. Our managed network services keep your network healthy every moment of every day. 

When your system sounds an alert, our team responds immediately. We can help prevent minor issues from cascading into larger ones capable of disrupting your entire network by tackling the problem right away.

Advantages of Event Management Software for Small Businesses

At Corsica Technologies, our NOC maintenance services are comprehensive and beneficial. Clients who partner with our team get assistance like:

PC and Server Maintenance

Monitoring of systems’ status and availability of services/resources

Antivirus/Antimalware software management

Patch Management

Including Microsoft and third-party patching

Network Device Management

Including Routers, Firewalls, Wireless, Managed Switches, UPS Systems, etc.

Resource and service availability monitoring

With our management and monitoring through these services, you receive numerous advantages, including:

  • Increased productivity: Our 24/7 network monitoring allows us to see, catch and fix problems before they affect your productivity. In doing so, we can enable you to continue normal operations easily and efficiently with minimal downtime.
  • Cost savings: Our services are consistent and ready for anything. We are always on-hand and can assist you immediately, helping you with business continuity and ultimately reducing the cost of downtime and outages.
  • Better cybersecurity: Our teams are looking at all facets of your network, including security measures. When we notice something is awry, we fix it as fast as possible to ensure you have the most up-to-date security tactics in place around the clock.
  • Availability of experts: Our highly-specialized team has a combined total of over 250 years of experience. We also have more than 300 certifications and more than 18 years of experience as a company. The talented people monitoring your network can ensure quick response times to events.

Corsica Secure℠

Our full-scale managed service provider (MSP) plan is Corsica Secure℠, and we designed it to combine IT services and cybersecurity. We offer multiple tiers in our Corsica Secure℠ package, allowing you to choose the one that best meets your needs. The benefits of choosing Corsica Secure℠ include:

  • Consulting service: We assign you a virtual chief information officer (vCIO) who has experience with IT and risk management. They work with your team on security, governance policies, and compliance measures.
  • Client portal: We provide access to our client portal for transparency. You can see what we are doing for your IT and cybersecurity, including updates and client support tickets.
  • Technology road map: We develop a three-year road map of your technology goals, business objectives, and predicted costs. You can use it to find where you can divert resources into more effective areas.

Contact Corsica Technologies Today for Network Maintenance and Monitoring Services

NOC maintenance services shift the responsibility of your network to an experienced team. We can help with server, antivirus, network devices, and patch monitoring and management, among several other services. If you sign up for Corsica Secure℠, we can accomplish all of this and more.

Our team is here to help you monitor and maintain your network with high-quality service. Please get in touch with us today to learn more about our 24/7 network monitoring services.

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