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Health Center Credit Union Success Story

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Stacy Tallent, President of Health Care Credit Union, had a tough decision to make – should he hire a full time IT employee or outsource his cybersecurity needs?

Managing IT today can feel like herding digital cats, especially if you work in finance. From staying current on compliance, to managing security on mobile devices to an ever-increasing list of apps, it’s a lot to manage, especially for smaller institutions.

To address growing IT needs, companies typically hire additional internal resources, adding more headcount to try and stay ahead of issues and cyberattack. But this approach isn’t cost-effective or scalable, and many organizations are turning to managed IT and security to provide enterprise-level support, without enterprise-sized budgets.

Stacy Tallent, President of Heath Center Credit Union, was recently faced with the same decision: should he hire a full time IT employee or outsource his cybersecurity needs? We sat down with Stacy to talk about the unique needs of HCCU, and why he ultimately chose to partner with Corsica for his IT and security needs.

“Our credit union members and owners need 24/7 access to their account information, and they want to feel confident their personal information is safe and secure.”

Health Center Credit Union is a $52 million state-chartered credit union serving Augusta University and Augusta’s medical and educational community. They have been servicing the community since 1976. Through that time, HCCU has used technology to evolve with the changing needs of the industry, ensuring members—and their money—are protected.

“Information security is a concern for most of our membership, and they’re requiring us to have just as much security in place as larger banking institutions, but with far fewer resources.”

As the credit union grew, Stacy felt they didn’t have a strong enough cybersecurity foundation to meet the needs of their members. To navigate today’s complex threat landscape, Stacy knew he needed a partner he could trust to steer the credit union in the right direction when it comes to security.

“We absolutely had to go outside the organization. We’ve got great people working for us, but IT wasn’t anyone’s focus.”

Stacy and team wrestled with the decision to hire a full-time IT employee or outsource IT and security management to a third party. They didn’t have the internal resources to manage day-to-day IT and infrastructure—let alone an effective cybersecurity program—and as a smaller business cost is always a concern. But when it came to comparing the cost and benefit of each, managed services made more sense for HCCU.

“For about the same dollars, we have a 24/7 company versus a single employee.”

The Corsica team of IT experts delivers a wide range of benefits for financial organizations like HCCU, such as:

  • Money savings: Reduce costs with our end-to-end technology solutions and an affordable monthly expense.
  • Service availability: Our team of project managers, designers, and engineers maintain a fully scalable platform, so your services grow with you.
  • Real-time network oversight: We staff our Security Operations Centers 24/7/365 and outfit them with the best technology and tools in the industry.
  • Higher detail levels: Analyze the metrics that matter most to you with our advanced reporting features.

Working with Corsica, HCCU now has the tools in place for comprehensive security monitoring, plus intrusion detection and penetration testing. Stacy and team now have a systematic way to document and demonstrate their security efforts to partners, and their partners have the confirmation and peace of mind knowing HCCU is protecting their members’ private information.

“The business of financial assistance and funding is based on trust. Helping people afford life is a great responsibility, and our partnership with Corsica has enabled us to care for our membership in a confident and positive way.”

To learn how Corsica can help you approach security with confidence, speak to a member of our team today.

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