Corsica Cybersecurity services help organizations protect their data, secure their systems and respond to cyber incidents. Using innovative technology, machine learning coupled with experienced and dedicated cybersecurity professionals, Corsica protects clients 24x7x365 from multiple, geographically dispersed, Security Operation Centers (SOC).

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We offer a full range of security services including auditing for current security gaps, remediation of those issues, real-time security monitoring, incident response and forensics, and consistent user security awareness training and testing.

Regardless of an organization’s size or stage in managing cybersecurity risk, this complete range of services means we can meet the cybersecurity needs of any organization.

Our goal is to provide the best response times, sharing all the relevant data and build business relationships through trust and transparency for a lifetime. With this, our clients have the confidence knowing we have the experience and knowledge to tackle their toughest challenges.

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We are proud to work with organizations in a wide variety of industries, including:


From HIPAA compliance to cybersecurity awareness training, our team of expert security engineers is equipped to help healthcare organizations of all sizes meet the high standards required by our government.

Local/Municipal Government

From deploying security solutions for schools to managing incident response for law enforcement and public records systems, every public body has vast information security needs that must be met daily. We can help.

Professional Services

Professional services organizations increasingly rely on technology for operations and service delivery. From accounting firms to architects to ad agencies, our cybersecurity solutions protect your IT infrastructure and intellectual property.


Law firms of all sizes handle sensitive documents and information constantly. Our team helps you protect them. From case management software to email encryption, we can provide the cybersecurity tools required to defend your firm from cyber criminals.


Automated processes, information exchange and computerized control of equipment continue to transform manufacturing. Our cybersecurity experts can help protect your network and secure your expensive and complex IT systems.

Federal Government

Federal Government – CMMC
Our team leverages the ARMOR approach (Audit – Remediate – Monitor – Organize and Educate – Respond) to cybersecurity to provide your agency with robust cybersecurity solutions.

Criminal Justice

When it comes to IT security, CJIS standards are high. Our seasoned team meets all federal requirements for working with and around CJI systems and can assist with pre-audit preparations, post-audit remediation, and ongoing security.


From personally identifiable information (PII) to check routing data, the sensitive information handled by banks makes them a top target for cyber criminals. Our cybersecurity experts are here to help you stop threats, maintain compliance and protect your data.

Nonprofit & Education

When it comes to IT security, financial constraints are significant in both the education and nonprofit sectors. We are committed to providing security solutions that give you the best bang for your buck.

Office 365 is now Microsoft 365- What Does that Mean for Users?

Microsoft recently changed the name of its flagship product from Office 365 to Microsoft 365. According to the software giant, the name change was a part of natural evolution. Microsoft 365 began in 2017 as an enterprise offering that contained a combination of Windows, Office, and Enterprise Mobility and Security.


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