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Advanced 24×7 Security Operations Center

Our security operations center is located in the Cyber Capital of the South, Augusta, GA. Here, our employees benefit from a community of ethical hackers, cyber defenders, and brilliant security strategists. At the SOC, we monitor multi-site networks using technology that allows our security analysts to sight and investigate threats with speed and precision.

Before an Attack

We get to know your security vulnerabilities and remediate gaps in advance. Our certified I.T. auditors systematically evaluate your security landscape, documenting vulnerabilities based on standards set by NIST, SANS, ISO, and Microsoft.

During an Attack

From our Security Operations Center (SOC), certified analysts and engineers respond to alerts identified by advanced event correlation systems. Our team notifies you and works with your staff to validate the nature of the attack and formulates a fast response plan.

After an Attack

Whether system breach, ransomware, or other impactful security events, our Incident Response team examines the event, contains the threat, and gets your systems restored to functionality. Our forensic deep-dive evaluates the extent of the incident, how it happened, and how to prevent reoccurrence.


While some companies claim to be industry-agnostic, Corsica Cyber is industry-specialized. We carry industry and compliance-related certifications that qualify us to service the most complex requirements of any industry.

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