Ever run out of printer toner at exactly the wrong time? Or been part of a mad scramble to get someone – anyone! – out to the nearest office supply store to buy toner at full retail price because you were up against a deadline and had no other choice? Have you ever thought to yourself during a “there is no more toner!” crisis that there must some way to make sure that a toner outage never happens again…and then asked yourself the same thing a month later when it happens again? Well rejoice print-loving friends, because there really IS a better way. And it’s so easy you will wonder where this solution has been all your life. Corsica Technologies offers a print management solution – we can manage your network printers for you, monitoring alerts for both maintenance issues and low toner, responding with a service call (for maintenance issues) and by generating a toner order that gets drop-shipped direct to your door just in time for a replenishment. And the best part is that as long as Corsica Tech is responsible for keeping your toner supply from drying up, there is no charge for on-site labor if there is a maintenance issue that needs to be resolved. (Note: If parts are needed to make repairs, customer will be responsible for the cost of the replacement part.) How Does a Print Management Solution Work? Corsica Tech will integrate your printer network into our 24/7 monitoring system, checking for toner levels and for any maintenance alerts that get issued. For the toner management piece, once the levels hit the minimum threshold, an order for replacement cartridges will be automatically generated and shipped directly to you. You won’t ever have to think about toner again! And because we will monitor for maintenance issues at the same time, you will not only have the peace of mind that your printers are getting the routine checks they need in order to maximize the life of the machine, but also that when you need to print that report for the big meeting, you can do so reliably. Any Special Requirements for Type of Printer? Yes – you must have networked printers in order to benefit from this service. What Does This Amazing Service Cost? The only cost associated with this service is the cost of the toner* and shipping it to you as needed. It will be billed direct from Corsica Tech on a monthly basis, so the total monthly cost depends on the number of cartridges replaced each cycle. On-site service visits will not be charged for managed print customers* as long as they are sourcing toner directly from Corsica. (Any parts needed for repairs will be the responsibility of the customer.) So when you look at it that way the cost is basically nothing, because you were already spending money each month on toner for your printers. Instead you will now be saving yourself the frustration of yet another Low Toner emergency. Sign Me Up! If you’re ready to get started, you can contact us at service@corsicatech.com or 877-367-9348. You can also contact your Account Manager, or schedule a free IT assessment. *NOTE: A requirement of the print management solution program is that toner be sourced and ordered through Corsica Tech. We use a high-quality private label brand of toner.
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