Adding Dual Monitors: An Affordable Business Upgrade

Adding Dual Monitors: An Affordable Business Upgrade

A happy employee is a productive employee. But for many small businesses in today’s competitive marketplace, offering large pay raises, hosting regular appreciation parties or events or other tried-and-true ways of ensuring happy workers are cost-prohibitive and unrealistic. So what can small businesses do? There is in fact one surprisingly simple and affordable step you can take to up the happiness factor amongst your team. What is this super-simple yet incredibly effective enhancement? Adding dual monitors to their workstations.

Why Is Adding Dual Monitors So Effective?

Consider the study commissioned by Fujitsu Siemens Computers that showed that multiple monitors boost productivity by 35.5%. A University of Utah study on monitor size and aspect ratio also showed that users with dual monitors completed tasks faster than those working on a single screen. In fact they translated the productivity gains into real world savings and found that moving from a 17” single monitor to dual 19” monitors brought productivity gains that amounted to a whopping 56 extra days of work per employee, per year. Moving to 22” monitors upped the gains to 66 extra work days. But statistics aside, there is the practical consideration of the matter. If your office is typical of most modern-day businesses, your employees are (at minimum) most likely viewing their email inbox, along with one or more internet tabs, while also working in a business application like Word or Excel. That is some seriously time-consuming tabbing back and forth to different windows. And unfortunately this creates more and more opportunities for distractions and loss of focus. But even the most laser-focused employee will lose time in switching back and forth if they are using a single-monitor setup. Saving a minute here, and two minutes there may not sound like much but as the Utah study showed, it adds up. Dual monitors present one of those “you don’t know what you’re missing” scenarios. The common reaction once users become accustomed to the benefits and ease of use of dual monitors is that they have no idea how they ever lived without it. So if you have never utilized this setup at all in your office, then chances are your employees aren’t asking for it, because they don’t know how helpful it is, or how it can save time, increase focus and reduce aggravation. But when introduced to the expanded viewing capabilities users in the various studies all reported increased satisfaction with the setup. And the strong correlation between higher satisfaction and higher productivity is well-documented and universally accepted. It’s hard to deny that something as simple as adding dual monitors has a large impact, and here in short is why: Productivity – it’s just more efficient, reducing lost time and focus that results from switching back and forth among applications on a single screen Better User Experience – your employees will appreciate the streamlined experience and productivity gains Affordability – adding a 2nd monitor is actually more affordable than upgrading to a super-sized single monitor So what are you waiting for? Contact Corsica Technologies today at 877-367-9348 or service@corsicatech.com to request a quote on adding dual monitors and upping the happiness factor in your office!

Relax. We’ve Got I.T.

Corsica Technologies understands that you need to run your business, not the IT that powers it. Whether it’s partnering with you to evaluate Cloud-based technologies, protecting your network, or proactively managing the overall health of your IT environment, Corsica’s experts will provide you with the peace of mind that it’s covered. To speak to a Corsica Technologies representative about the management and maintenance of your entire network, you can contact us at 877-367-9348 or service@corsicatech.com.  You can also get started now by scheduling a free IT assessment.

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