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Unmetered technology services. One predictable price.

Leverage our experts to empower your growth, reduce your costs, and protect your assets with cybersecurity, IT, EDI, and data integration services, all at one flat price.

  • cybersecurity 2024 excellence award winner30+ years in business
  • 300+ certifications
  • 1,000+ clients

The technology that matters most

One cohesive team | One monthly bill

24/7 monitoring and response for your essential systems, with remediation service guaranteed

Expert support and maintenance covering network, servers, backup, M365, and more

Career experts in EDI and data integration, backed by the service delivery infrastructure of an MSP

M365 cloud services, MFA, endpoint management, and more—plus ongoing cost optimization

C-level perspective and collaboration on strategy, 3-year technology roadmap, and more

One all-inclusive plan. No metered billing.

Ready to stop counting tickets and workstations? Many MSPs take a nickel-and-dime approach to billing, but you shouldn’t have to deal with surprising invoices. Our simple pricing plan give you flexible, unmetered assistance for the services you need the most.  

cyber solutions every business needs to have

Corsica Secure

Unlimited technology service:

Cybersecurity service – guaranteed.


The Corsica Service Guarantee applies to our award-winning Corsica SecureSM offering, a unique combination of managed IT and cybersecurity services offered exclusively by Corsica Technologies. It covers the Corsica Technologies services for containment, eradication, and recovery following a cybersecurity incident—at no additional cost to you.

Cyber threats blocked:

New technologies and security threats are emerging at a rapid pace. If you are like most organizations, you need additional bandwidth to stay ahead. Who's protecting your network, data, customers, and revenue?​

(for clients in the last hour)

Bundled security, data integration, IT and more

How satisfied are you with your technology services today? We work alongside your staff to provide holistic services for 24/7/365 Cybersecurity, IT Managed Services, and EDI—as well as Consulting, Digital Transformation, and one-time projects.

As a comprehensive technology partner, we manage complex environments with diverse and integrated technologies—all with a strong cybersecurity foundation. This empowers your team to get back to work, doing what they do best.

Great people + expertise

Not all MSPs take the time to hire top-notch people. This leads to poor service, entry-level experience, and lack of responsiveness.  

Corsica is different. We only hire next-level humans who have great interpersonal skills PLUS deep technical expertise.

We are the team that will say YES to your requests, we realize that when you need technology support you need a team that will respond and resolve quickly. 

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Our partners

Corsica is a top solution provider for services and technology, including software and hardware. We resell top-tier solutions and make sure you get the most from these investments.

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Regional Support

Corsica is an extension of your team, so we focus on serving organizations near our offices and where we can provide personalized, right-sized experiences. Although we provide solutions to companies nationwide, we focus on the following geographic areas:


508 Rhett Street
Greenville, SC 29601


9921 Dupont Circle Dr West
Ft. Wayne, IN 46825


1721 Goodrich Street
Augusta, GA 30904

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Achieve more with Corsica.

If you have anything less than total confidence in your current mix of service providers, we should talk. We’re fixing the managed services experience for companies who deserve better. 

Backup and complementary skills to your existing IT team

Flexible offerings, including managed and project-based solutions

Personal service and a virtual CIO who serves as your strategic advisor

Support for your IT team so they can focus on strategic work to better the business

The means to automate and digitally transform your business

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