Corsica Tech president Dale Walls

Give us the problem, and we’ll give you the solution.

Let’s face it, usually when a customer is calling us it’s because they have a problem with their computers. They’re frustrated and just want it fixed. And that’s what we do – we get you back to work as fast as possible. Our promise to you is that we will respond with a sense of urgency when you have an immediate IT need, and also work with you over the long term to make sure that the technology powering your business is secure and running smoothly. We worry about your IT so that you don’t have to.

Dale Walls, President Corsica Technologies

For the size of our company, it sure feels like we have a very large IT staff working right by our side to provide us with the reliable IT small business service and support that we need.

Edwin Ashourian,

VP of Finance – RedXDefense, on utilizing Corsica’s fully managed IT service solution
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CASE STUDY: The phone system upgrade was also a high priority, so once basic IT operations were smoothed out, they tackled that problem.

“We had been using a legacy system that dated back to our early days with Ripken Baseball,” said Maelstrom. “It was problematic and so old, they had stopped making them.” Under the old system, something as simple as switching to a new desk required an on-site visit by a tech.

With Corsica’s VoIP service, there is great flexibility (you just take the handset with you and plug it in in the new location), but even better, any service calls or issues are resolved by the IT provider they already like and trust.

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