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New technologies and security threats are emerging at a rapid pace. If you are like most organizations, you need additional bandwidth to stay ahead.

Corsica Technologies customizes security-centered solutions for your organization and industry. Businesses need both IT strategy and cybersecurity solutions, so choosing an integrated solution makes it possible to quickly detect and respond to issues. Once the framework is laid, Corsica has the experts to guide you through your digital transformation journey.

A Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity + IT

As an expert Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and Managed Service Provider (MSP), we provide a holistic cybersecurity and IT strategy solution that supports your team. We fill the skill and resource gaps in your organization so your employees can focus on the strategic needs of your business.

Our Services

Giving You Confidence

How confident are you in your organization’s security? We work alongside your teams to provide a holistic 24/7/365 Cybersecurity and IT Managed Services solution, as well as Consulting, Digital Transformation, and one-time project services executed by our team of experts. Our trained and certified teams are experts in regulatory and compliance. As a comprehensive solution provider, we manage complex IT environments and give cybersecurity the attention it needs for you and your customers. Your teams can focus on what they enjoy and do best.


Corsica saves you time and improves cost efficiency by providing:

Managed Security Services (MSSP) with 24/7/365 availability to monitor systems, to back up data, to deter major events, and to respond and to recover from incidents

Security Assessments to identify your risks and recommend best-in-class solutions

Event management to respond to incidents, contain breaches, and to recover from major security events fast and effectively

Consultations to provide you with an ongoing cybersecurity strategy commensurate with the latest threat analysis

Managed IT

We support and supplement your internal teams by offering:

Consultations to help you look ahead and build a comprehensive technology roadmap

Cloud System Management to improve efficiency and productivity of your IT infrastructure

24/7/365 Support including virtual and on-site assistance

VOIP service, from consultation to solution recommendation, to implementation and to ongoing management

Digital Transformation

Corsica improves business efficiency and security by configuring and integrating digital systems and automating processes throughout your organization by offering:

Consultations or immersion engagements to assess your goals, technology, and systems so we can customize a roadmap to transformation

Custom development of software, web, and mobile applications–both internal and customer-facing

ERP selection and project management services

Cloud virtualization to simplify database migration, improve data protection, and ensure business continuity

Systems and application modernization by updating and integrating technologies, as well as establishing a plan to efficiently make future replacements and improvements

One-Time Projects

Our one-time project services help organizations complete projects that require extensive expertise or would exhaust your resources, including:

Technology integrations that are time-consuming and demand specialized knowledge

System and security posture assessments to learn how applications are performing, identify weaknesses, and outline steps for improvement

Compliance gap assessments to see where to make business systems run more efficiently, effectively, and meet compliance requirements

Penetration and wireless breach testing (PENTEST) exposes vulnerabilities so you can proactively address risks and qualify for your cyber insurance coverage

Security training to help keep your teams up to date on compliance, data safety, cybersecurity dangers and best practices

Cloud migrations including Microsoft 365 and other time-intensive migration projects

How We Deliver

Corsica Secure is our unique package of customizable cybersecurity and IT management solutions built around the way your business operates. We offer three tiers to give you the level of service your organization needs. All tiers of Corsica Secure include:

Foundational cybersecurity with full 24/7/365 SOC monitoring and all security tools included

3-year technology roadmap with plans, predictive price estimates, and steps to improve processes and increase revenue

Consulting services with your vCIOs to help improve security, compliance, and governance

Client portal access where you can access dashboards to view service tickets, see activity summaries, and identify trends

Achieve More With Corsica

If you have anything less than total confidence in your current cybersecurity measures–or you just want to outsource the responsibility and take a human-centric cybersecurity approach–consider how we can customize a solution for your business.

Scalability so you don’t need to seek out scarce IT resources

Holistic solutions that manage both your security and IT infrastructure

One-stop product advisement and competitive pricing when buying hardware and software

Backup and complementary skills to your existing IT team

Flexible offerings, including managed and project-based solutions

Personal service and a virtual CIO who serves as your strategic advisor to guide you on your technology journey

Support for your IT team so they can focus on strategic work to better the business

The means to automate and digitally transform your business

Regional Support

Corsica is an extension of your team, so we focus on serving organizations near our offices and where we can provide personalized, right-sized experiences. Although we provide solutions to companies nationwide, we focus on the following geographic areas:


508 Rhett Street
Greenville, SC 29601


9921 Dupont Circle Dr West
Ft. Wayne, IN 46825


1721 Goodrich Street
Augusta, GA 30904

Our Partners

Corsica is a top solution provider for services and technology, including software and hardware. We resell top-tier solutions and make sure you get the most from these investments.

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