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Introducing Corsica’s EDI Data Integration Capabilities

Corsica Technologies Acquires EDI Integration Firm Hughes Systems Group - Corsica Technologies

Here at Corsica Technologies, we’re always expanding our capabilities so our customers can gain access to expertise in a diverse range of fields. From cybersecurity services to managed IT services and digital transformation, we cover it all. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that we’re expanding to offer data integration capabilities.  

Background: Corsica acquires Hughes Systems Group 

On February 7th, Corsica Technologies was pleased to announce the acquisition of Hughes Systems Group. This world-class organization has developed a reputation for designing, implementing, and supporting the best B2B, EDI, and application-to-application data integration solutions in the business.  

We were looking for new ways to drive business results for our customers. Data integration was a huge untapped opportunity, and EDI specifically offered tremendous value to our customers. In terms of both company culture and technical capabilities, Hughes Systems Group was the ideal company to join our portfolio and expand our capabilities with B2B data integration.  

Why you’ll love our new EDI integration capabilities

While EDI isn’t a new technology, it’s not going anywhere. It is essential for suppliers aiming to sell to major retailers such as Walmart and Target, manufacturers serving the automotive industry, transporters handling supply chain logistics, insurance claims processing, healthcare claims processing, and numerous other practical applications involving the seamless exchange of data across businesses.

In other words, EDI is everywhere.

Yet data integration and EDI technology can be expensive. Not every organization has the resources to invest in the EDI solution they need.

Here at Corsica, we aim to advance businesses through exceptional technology and security expertise. As an essential part of business operations today, this also means every company should have seamless access to data integration services and EDI. Broadly speaking, I see this in terms of two customer groups: 1) Companies already working with Corsica, and 2) Hughes customers.

Let’s unpack these.

What this means for Corsica customers 

Corsica customers will now have access to world-class expertise in EDI integration. Whether you already have an EDI solution that isn’t integrated to the back office, or you need EDI but don’t know where to start, we’re here for you. Now you can get the solution you need—from the same team that’s handling your IT and cybersecurity.  

This is important for several reasons:  

  • EDI requires cybersecurity controls. When you bring data integration and cybersecurity under one roof, you get an integrated approach to security.  
  • You’ll save money. Simply put, we can offer EDI in a bundle with other services more affordably than a provider who exclusively offers EDI services.  
  • You get one partner who has your back, managing services that are essential to your operations. From IT to EDI to cybersecurity, you’re in good hands with Corsica.  

What this means for Hughes SG customers 

To Hughes SG customers… welcome to the family! We’re so glad to have you on board. I know our teams are excited to see how we can serve you best as this new relationship unfolds.  

So, what’s in it for you? 

Quite a lot, actually.  

It’s challenging to source IT services, cybersecurity, and EDI integration from different providers. Not every MSP (managed service provider) is equipped to handle cybersecurity—and when it comes to MSSPs (managed security service providers), not every company is created equal. Some MSSPs only notify you of security incidents. They don’t actually remediate them.  

Here at Corsica Technologies, we are a full-service combined MSP/MSSP. We handle all things IT and cybersecurity. And we definitely remediate security incidents. In fact, our SOC (security operations center) works around the clock to monitor our clients’ systems and proactively responds to anything suspicious, working hard to contain and remediate any incidents as soon as possible.  

So, what does this mean for you? 

With this acquisition, you’ll have the chance to consolidate managed services for IT, cybersecurity, and EDI. Not only will this reduce costs, but you’ll also get access to career experts in all IT and cybersecurity disciplines—resources that would cost millions to keep on staff. It’s a win/win that extends far beyond EDI services.  

What types of EDI technologies and services do we offer? 

Great question.  

 At a high level, we will support all data integration services including B2B EDI management, API management, data catalog and preparation, and cloud migration. As a systems integrator, we will also offer integrations while adhering to EDI standards with major backend systems such as:  

  • SAP 
  • NetSuite 
  • QuickBooks 
  • Sage 

In terms of services, we cover the entire journey—from consulting, to implementation and integration, to support after launch.  

In other words, we are your one-stop-shop for data integration, IT, and cybersecurity.  

How do we get started with B2B data integration services and EDI? 

Glad you asked!  

Just reach out to your Account Representative. Let them know you’d like to explore data integration to drive cost savings and efficiency. We’ll engage in a collaborative process to uncover your requirements and chart a path forward that aligns to your business objectives and success.

Want to learn more about data integration and EDI?

Reach out to schedule a consultation with our data integration specialists.

Brian Harmison
Brian Harmison is the CEO of Corsica Technologies, a leading IT solutions provider, with over two decades of experience in technology. He has held key leadership positions in renowned technology companies, specializing in IT strategy, cybersecurity, and managed services. His vision has driven Corsica Technologies’ growth and transformation, making it a trusted partner for IT solutions and cybersecurity services. Through collaboration, mentorship, and team development, Brian positions Corsica Technologies for continued success and innovation in IT and cybersecurity.

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