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How 1 Local Marina Owner Discovered That Not All Wireless Solutions Are Created Equally

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Susan Campbell, owner of Campbell’s Boatyards used to think all wireless solutions were alike…and unfortunately, none of them were actually working for her business.  That is, until she turned to the right IT firm to get the right Wi-Fi network in place.

  What do you do when you have 3 marinas and up to 200 slipholders asking for (okay, demanding) internet access, and your internet service provider says you’re just too big to set up a reliable Wi-Fi network that will reach everyone? This is the exact scenario that Susan Campbell, owner of Campbell’s Boatyards in Oxford, MD faced – high customer demand for a service that their current provider said just couldn’t be set up in a way that would provide a consistent experience. What they had in place simply wasn’t working so the feedback from frustrated guests was a consistent loop of, “well you say you have Wi-Fi, but we can’t get it.” Not a great formula for customer satisfaction, especially when allowing customers to stay connected is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must-have” for businesses. “Everyone wants Wi-Fi,” said Campbell.  “Either they need to connect so they can work, or their kids want to watch a video, or any number of other reasons.”  Whatever the case, it was not an amenity that they could simply not offer, despite the hurdles they faced. And so they kept trying, with the same inconsistent results. Campbell’s Boatyards manages 180 regular slips plus 20 transient slips spread across 3 different locations.  The range that their Wi-Fi needed to cover was large, including coverage down lengthy piers. “We went through many years of various customers who were IT-savvy telling us what we needed to do,” said Campbell. “But nothing ever worked.” Or more to the point, nobody seemed to be able to get it set up correctly. Finally, about 18 months ago, Campbell reached out to Corsica Technologies, presenting their challenge and asking if just maybe the local reputable IT firm would have the answer. And after doing a thorough on-site evaluation, finally the experts at Corsica provided a real Commercial Wi-Fi solution. Acting as the overall IT Project Manager, Corsica first recommended that Campbell work with Atlantic Broadband as the Internet Service Provider (ISP). ABB brought internet to the Marina, and then Corsica configured two (2) separate networks – one for use by slipholders and guests, and one private network just for Campbell’s staff. Next came the part that have proved too much of a challenge up until Corsica got involved – implementing the right wireless solution.  Relying on their many years of experience with similar projects – including dealing with and having to troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks that didn’t work well –and knowing that all wireless solutions are NOT created alike, Corsica recommended their preferred solution for the hardware – Ubiquiti wireless routers.   Ubiquiti’s equipment is the #1 choice for Corsica due to the brand’s great coverage, wide selection of Access Points, and an excellent management tool. And this trusted wireless solution proved itself once again, because once Corsica installed a total of five (5) Ubiquiti wireless routers across their 3 locations, Campbell’s finally had the reliable service they needed for their business. “The customers are all happy,” said Campbell. “Finally, we have consistent wireless service and no problems whatsoever.  And Corsica made it all really easy for us.” Not only is the current wireless solution providing quality internet access across their entire service area, but it is less expensive than the old program, which was inconsistent at best and only offered seasonally. “Before, we could only offer Wi-Fi during summer months because it was just too expensive,” said Campbell.  “Now it’s much more affordable and we can provide the service all year long.” “Thanks to the great crew at Corsica, everyone is happy and we have no more complaints!” said Campbell. Whether you are starting from scratch with your Wi-Fi network or you need to improve your current service, Corsica’s Tech experienced IT Project Management Team can help you get the most out of your wireless solution.

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