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Make This 1 Easy Business Decision to Reduce Stress This Holiday Season

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Ready or not, here it comes! In just a few days’ times, holiday music will be piped into virtually every retail establishment you enter, and also overtake many radio stations 24/7 until after we usher in the New Year.  Offices, homes and streets will be transformed in a blur of red, green and gold.  Shopping deals will entice you at every turn.  And hopefully, the magic of the season will put a little extra pep in your step and remind you of all that you have to be grateful for. It’s a busy time filled with tree trimming, the quest for that perfect gift, baking all manners of delicious treats, visits with friends and family, and for all the little ones, visits with Santa and near-constant reminders to be good because after all, he’s watching. It can also be a stressful time, because let’s face it, finding that perfect gift isn’t always easy, and rushing from one place to the next to fit in all the holiday fun can make it anything but. Oh and let’s remember that while we are trying to experience the holiday magic, we also have this little thing called work that needs our attention.  Because despite the increased demands on our time during the most wonderful time of the year, the deadlines don’t end, the proposals still need to be written, and the projects don’t run themselves.  In fact, the last 6 weeks of the calendar year can be an incredibly busy time as businesses in all industries strive to hit year-end goals and finish 2015 on a high note. But if there’s one thing that can sap the joy right out of things, it’s computer problems.  Computers that are slow, uncooperative, unreliable or broken make a hectic time about 10,000 times worse.  Add to that headache not having, or just not getting a response from your IT guy when the computers aren’t working and your stress has just been multiplied by a factor of 100.  It’s a perfect storm of events, and it has ruined many a holiday for many a business already. It’s like the Grinch himself – in all his green Grinchy glory – can channel himself into your computer network and set out to steal all your productivity, and therefore your joy and holiday spirit.  And as the song says, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” But here’s the really awesome thing about the holidays.  It’s also a time for letting go.  And we just cannot think of a better time than right now to LET GO of your computer worries and reduce stress that is distracting you from focusing on your business.

Reduce Stress This Holiday Season With a Smart Computer Services Solution

Because instead of losing time and money as a result of unexpected downtime, you could reduce stress and head out to the neighborhood holiday extravaganza secure in the knowledge that an entire team of computer network professionals is monitoring your network 24/7, doing preventive maintenance and addressing small system issues BEFORE they cause system-wide interruptions. Instead of waiting to hear back from that hourly IT guy you use now, you could have direct access to a 24/7 HelpDesk staffed locally by certified, trained technicians who are expert troubleshooters. Instead of holding your breath and hoping your network is safe from malware or other threats, you could sleep perfectly well at night knowing that you have the most up-to-date security measures deployed on your network, coupled with sound, regular data backups. Instead of taking a wild guess as to what your computer problems are going to cost you this month, you could sign on with an IT service plan and pay a single, affordable, predictable, fixed monthly fee to hire a full outsourced IT Department that will fully manage your computer network for you. It’s a model that the industry calls Managed IT Service, which is a fancy way of saying that you offload the management – and stress – of your entire computer network to a professional services team that specializes in IT. Really what is means is this:

  • You will have fewer computer problems overall
  • You will no longer have to guess what your IT investment will be each month
  • When things do break, you have direct access to an entire IT Team that is 100% committed to getting you back up and running ASAP.
  • You will have a network that is secure, up-to-date and operating at peak efficiency.
  • Your data will be backed up and secure.
  • You will stop losing valuable time troubleshooting a problem that you aren’t trained to fix in the first place.

It’s a smart business decision because it lets you get back to running your business instead of worrying about the technology that is powering it. So how exactly is this post about how you can reduce stress this holiday season with a business decision? It’s simple.  To reduce stress, request a call to talk about an Account Manager, or a get right to it and request a quote for an IT Service Plan from Corsica Technologies today, and you will enter the joy and madness of the holiday season knowing that you aren’t just saying goodbye to 2015 – you are saying goodbye to your IT headaches.  You’ll be so much less stressed knowing that you are letting go of the frustration, constant problems and downtime that you’ll be that much merrier, joyful and relaxed for all the holiday celebrations that are about to begin. Corsica offers a variety of affordable service plan levels, so there is something for every size business and budget.  And all come with the guarantee that you have a team of experts monitoring your network 24/7.  So saying goodbye to worrying about your I.T. is really just a call or click away. And hey, IT problems…don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

Corsica Technologies
Corsica provides personalized service and a virtual CIO (vCIO) who serves as a strategic advisor. When it comes to the complex integration of solutions for IT and cybersecurity, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We offer cybersecurity solutions, managed services, digital transformation, resale services, and one-off technology projects. Corsica unifies any combination of these services into a complete, seamless solution.

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