As if 2020 couldn’t get any strangeran internet-connected coffee machine has been hacked by ransomware. That’s right, a coffee maker in an office was infected with ransomware.  The coffee maker acted as a Wi-Fi access point, establishing an unencrypted, unsecure connection to a companion app.  Once this connection was madethe hacker was able to proceed with a reverse-engineered firmware stored within the android app.  

The coffee machine in question was a Smarter Coffee Machine. These coffee makers come equipped with a mobile app that can be used to remotely to begin the coffee brewing process. This APP creates its own local Wi-Fi network with very simple security protocols allowing it to easily be hacked.   

The moral of the story? The Internet of things is full of insecure gadgets with hackable technology. Sure, your coffee maker is unlikely to get attacked, but what other devices is your business using that could be a gateway into your company data? To ensure your organization doesn’t fall victim to ransomware we suggest a security posture review, our cybersecurity experts are here to help.


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