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The Rise of Strategic Outsourcing in Cybersecurity and IT

Midmarket companies face many challenges in today’s fast-changing technology environment. From cybersecurity to strategic IT roadmaps, AI to data integration, the challenges are numerous.

How do the best-performing companies respond?

What do they outsource, and what do they cover in-house?

This in-depth whitepaper examines the results of a comprehensive survey conducted by IHL Group, a leading market research firm. The whitepaper covers:

  • Where midmarket companies get their cybersecurity and IT managed services support
  • Key pain points companies face with their services
  • Level of satisfaction for current technology services
  • What the top performing companies do differently
  • And much more

Download the report now to get exclusive insights into midmarket trends in cybersecurity and technology.

Watch the full webinar below:

2024 Cybersecurity and IT Outsourcing report

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