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In this Resource Center, you’ll find information on how to submit a request for support, plus helpful cybersecurity articles and guides.

Contacting Corsica Tech with a Support Request

PDF: How to Submit a Service Request

Cybersecurity Resources

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E-Book: The Business Guide to Cybersecurity

Get this comprehensive guide to cybersecurity for business. This easily digestible e-book covers malware, ransomware and how to create a security policy for your business. It includes tips and reviews common mistakes many business make.

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E-book: Cybersecurity Tips for Employees

Weak passwords and/or poor password management could be putting your entire business network at risk. Find out what makes a strong password, and other password best practices in this free resource download.

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Know the Red Flags of a Phishing Attack

Every computer user on your team needs to know the red flags of a phishing attack. Unfortunately those same end-users that are being targeted through increasingly sophisticated phishing scams are your weakest security link. Make sure they know how to spot a fake email before it’s too late.

On-Demand Educational Webinars

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