Security Posture Review for NY SHIELD Act

As a cybersecurity consultant, we help businesses in New York implement the necessary IT framework in order to comply with the New York Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security (SHIELD) Act.

An analysis by our Cybersecurity Experts can help you meet steep compliance demands without guesswork. Find out where your vulnerabilities lie and learn steps to take to become secure. Our cybersecurity posture assessment starts with an in-depth consultation, including a questionnaire that our experts will review.


Schedule your free Security Posture Review today! Here is what you receive from a New York Shield Act Security Posture Review:

Assessment of your environment and any risk you may be facing

Full report including specific areas of vulnerability

Recommendations on steps to become SHIELD compliant

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the New York SHIELD Act:


What businesses are impacted by NY SHIELD Act?

SHIELD Act impacts many unregulated industries such as real estate, retail and certain service industries which until now were not required by law to adopt cybersecurity-related programs.

When did NY SHIELD Act go in effect?

The SHIELD Act has two effective dates. October 23rd, 2019 changes to the existing breach notification rules and March 21st, 2020 Data security requirements went into place.

Are There Exceptions For Small Businesses?

As before the SHIELD Act, there are no exceptions for small businesses in the breach notification rule.

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  • Patch Management
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