The Challenge of Hiring and Retaining IT and Cybersecurity Talent

Why Now Is a Great Time to Outsource Your IT and Cybersecurity

COVID changed where we work, but it’s the technology teams that have changed the how. Thrown almost overnight into fully or mostly-remote environments, the IT department became the lifeboat to keep businesses afloat around the globe.

Scrambling to locate, install, and roll out new, untested technology tools, IT became the fast-performing company innovators, rapidly finding success or frustration, and always finding increased stress and the need for more and more technology tools, network expansions, and new ways of working.

This rapid explosion of need, responsibility, and innovation rocketed IT departments to the top of the corporate food chain. IT team members who successfully conquered even a niche of the COVID tech explosion were in high demand by other organizations, and personnel who already achieved “hard to recruit” status became even more elusive, particularly in light of “the great resignation”. The free snacks, lunch, and beer partnered with ping pong, video games, and massage chair tactics successfully leveraged just a few years earlier, were just not going to do it any longer.

The Challenges

Business Challenges

  • Need to cut or avoid personnel costs
  • Difficult hiring and retention environment
  • Need to grow the business
  • Looking to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Keeping up with systems, resources and investments as your company scales
  • Staying safe from cyber threats
  • Winning new business and retaining current clients

Outsourcing Benefits

  • Avoid sunk and operational costs (salaries, benefits, insurance, etc.)
  • Predictable costs
  • Access to resources with the right expertise
  • Leverage technology to grow your business
  • Scalable solutions as your business grows
  • Protect your business from ransomware and cyberattacks
  • Meet cybersecurity requirements to win and/or comply with client contracts

By outsourcing your IT to the experts, you gain more than just experience. You gain the ability to strategically align your technology and security framework with your company’s growth goals.

Today’s IT professionals look for their unique preferred combination of flexibility, brand mission, or other illustrious benefit, while still pressing for higher salary, bonus, and ownership options. Add to that the COVID staffing challenges that still remain, such as limiting access from outside the U.S., childcare scarcity, and last-minute on-line school for random COVID outbreaks, and your choices for hire become drastically limited.

The result? Gaping holes in not just IT teams, but in key knowledge and expertise within the department, and within the organization itself. These massive gaps leave a huge IT and cybersecurity blind spot that’s hard to remove in today’s post-COVID talent and recruiting environment.

Faced with sluggish recruiting timelines and surprise turnover incidents, how can the IT team ensure the consistency of operations needed to keep revenues flowing, without igniting safety concerns from unidentified or detected risks like phishing, malware, or other cyber threats? The additional growing need for more and more cutting-edge expertise in new and evolving areas like AI, cloud, collaboration software, digital transformation, IoT, data centers, and more, required to keep your business thriving and safe also threatens the safety framework of your company.

Today’s tumultuous IT and cybersecurity environment and scarcity of talent make outsourcing your IT growth and development a crucial step to help your organization thrive.

Outsourcing Is a Practical and Cost-effective Option

Technology Challenges

  • Lack of expertise, hard to hire skill set
  • No cohesive IT and cyber plan
  • Focused on the day-to-day, not enough time to spend on strategic, value-add initiatives
  • Looking to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Keeping up with systems, resources and investments as your company scales
  • Staying safe from cyber threats
  • Winning new business and retaining current clients

Outsourcing Benefits

  • Access to IT and cybersecurity experts without the need to hire in-house
  • A long-term strategic roadmap
  • More time to focus on strategic business needs and innovation
  • Proactive monitoring and issue fixing
  • Ability to leverage “as a service” solutions
  • 24/7/365 cybersecurity protection
  • Data compliance support (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA, etc.).
  • Meeting and adhering to client cybersecurity contractual obligations

If your company is struggling to retain talent with the experience and know-how to maintain the technology that protects your company’s data while also increasing efficiency and productivity, outsourcing your IT to a third party could free up the bandwidth to focus on strategic business needs and innovation.

If companies are willing to allocate funds to technology upgrades or expansion, today’s IT service providers are centers of excellence for much larger organizational populations and for more than a one-off project. By utilizing the services of a Managed Service Provider (MSP), Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), or – even better, a provider which offers both IT and cybersecurity solutions – organizations eliminate ramp up times and huge personnel increases to cover expertise in the fields crucial for today’s highly specialized components of IT team strategies.

Today’s forced transition into remote work and team collaboration requirements opened the gateways to a formerly undervalued realm of software options. Each of these applications requires an understanding in selection, usage, troubleshooting, and user training, and each brings its own set of risks via cyber threats or network integration challenges.

Implementation and management of those systems is easily outsourced to a partner, addressing a need for companies without an in-house IT team or allowing those with a team to focus them on more strategic, value-added initiatives that bring the business innovation and growth.

Need to Address Not Just IT, But Cybersecurity as Well

In fact, the seemingly daily evolution of cyber threats has become its own unique area of expertise with cybersecurity products and support. New resources are continually allotted with the intent to block the day’s latest mutation designed to enter and destroy or at least kidnap your corporate data, confidential information, or client details.

Unlike the days of old where we worried about a single disgruntled employee deleting presentation files, today’s worry is much more significant. Breached data centers not only impact your business, but the client whose data is stolen, leading to a suffering reputation for your business and an exodus of customers to your more secure competitors. Then there are the repair and rebuild expenses and, finally the compliance fines and fees, all making that outsource option seemingly more affordable than ever.

The days of a “one size fits all” IT department are long gone, and devoting the resources to identifying, recruiting, and maintaining a well-rounded, jack of all trades IT team member that won’t break the bank is becoming less and less realistic. IT teams are more important than ever to the core success of a business, and a gap in needed expertise can have disastrous results for you and your clients.

Move Your Business Forward and Keep It Safe With the Right Partner

Take advantage of today’s availability of outsourced IT and cybersecurity options to ensure your team has the know-how and the capabilities to secure the most efficient, effective, high-performance systems for your unique business by outsourcing to a strategic partner today. By outsourcing to a provider you can trust, you’ll be able to free your company from the endless talent pool search and drive your business forward with the expertise you need.

If you’re looking to outsource your IT and cybersecurity to accelerate your business success, Corsica Secure could be the solution for you. Learn how Corsica Secure can better protect and enhance your business operations and add value to your bottom line today.

Corsica Technologies
Corsica provides personalized service and a virtual CIO (vCIO) who serves as a strategic advisor. When it comes to the complex integration of solutions for IT and cybersecurity, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We offer cybersecurity solutions, managed services, digital transformation, resale services, and one-off technology projects. Corsica unifies any combination of these services into a complete, seamless solution.

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