A Successful Cyber Attack Often Goes Unnoticed for Months1

The infiltration of your network is often a slow, measured effort. Once attackers have gained access to your system, they establish a foothold and siphon data from your network, leveraging remote command and control. Corsica Cyber Managed Security Services help you fortify your brand and customers from today’s sophisticated threats. 1 The global dwell time (time it took to discover a breach) average is 206 days, according to research conducted by the Ponemon Institute.

Security Monitoring Service Plans

Corsica Cyber currently offers two managed security plans, DataSentry™ and DataDefend™. Both of our plans come with high scalability and low time to deployment.


Provides real-time threat defense for companies of all sizes. We monitor server and device activity (Host Intrusion Detection System/HIDS) for signs of worms, malware, spyware, software vulnerability exploitation, and more. Learn More


Network Intrusion Detection (NIDS) combines with event logging (Security Information & Event Management / SIEM) and endpoint monitoring (DataSentry™) for advanced, real-time activity analysis. DataDefend™ is a top choice for any company handling private customer data and/or intellectual property. Learn More


Our proprietary honeypot defense, AttackSnare™ is a digital decoy created to model high-value data. Learn More


Your network’s surveillance camera. ActiveReplay™ allows our security team to review a chain of events in your network. Learn More


DataProtect™ is Corsica Cyber’s entry-level, compliance logging solution backed by our 24X7 SOC for round the clock monitoring and alerting. Designed for organizations of any size, this solutions simplifies compliance by checking the boxes for most compliance frameworks and helps establish a sound foundation for a risk management platform. Learn More

Break the Chain of Attack with Managed Security

Having a managed security partner allows you to leverage people, processes, and technology in a unified front against cyber attacks. Because each of these components is essential to breaking the kill chain of a cyber attack, Corsica Cyber offers an interwoven security stack that serves our clients throughout each stage of the security lifecycle.

Our Expertise

Our team of security experts leverages advanced cyber security tools to identify malware, unusual insider behavior, and suspicious network traffic—and immediately respond to protect your data.
Corsica Cyber acts as the security extension of your IT team, monitoring your networks 24×7. Your internal team can be involved to the degree you desire. Our services scale according to your budget and strategy.

See the Managed Security Overview

Managed Security for Compliance Industries

Any of our monitoring plans above can be customized for your compliance needs, including but not limited to reporting, scheduled audit-readiness assessments, and remediation project management.

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Criminal Justice – CJIS

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Government – NIST

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Healthcare – HIPAA


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