Why IT Outsourcing Means Less Stress, More Time for a Busy Non-Profit

By nature, non-profits are challenged with being very “lean and mean” in their operations, as they have a responsibility to maximize every dollar and at the same time, are often working with limited resources.  Which means that what they strive in all areas of the operation is this:  efficiency.

However, as Betsy Hastedt, Asst. Executive Director of Operations for Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center in NYC will tell you, achieving efficiency as a busy non-profit is no easy task – particularly as it relates to managing their IT needs.

Mind BuildersFor some years, Mind-Builders has been a believer in IT outsourcing.  As is common practice to do with many other non-core competencies for any organization (legal, accounting, HR) Mind-Builders turns to a managed services provider (a company that provides server, network and specialized applications and support to end users and the organization as a whole) to manage and maintain their computer network.

For them – like for many other small businesses and non-profits – doing so is far more cost-effective than hiring, training and providing ongoing career development for an in-house IT Director.

But because they aren’t IT experts, going the managed service route also means they are putting a considerable amount of trust in the company that is managing these critical functions.

So when they began to notice a decline in the level of service they were getting from the company they’d worked with for years, it was a pretty big problem. “When it comes to our computers, we just need things to be working,” said Hastedt.  “Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that can throw you off and we simply don’t have time for that.”

With the writing on the wall that their once-trusted solution was no longer a good fit, the Mind-Builders team went about exploring other options.  “No one on our staff was capable of managing our IT and we just don’t have the budget to hire an IT Director,” said Hastedt.

The lesson for Mind-Builders was clear – IT outsourcing is great…as long as you have the right IT partner in place.

With a move to a new location looming, Hastedt says they we were at the point of getting really desperate to find good IT help.  It was then – at what Hastedt calls exactly the right time – that a contact from the old company called to say she was with a new company that might be just right for them.

Not only did the call come at the exact right time, but working with this new provider – Corsica Technologies – has also been exactly the positive change they needed.

“Compared to our previous IT support, Corsica’s Tech Support team is much more available,” said Hastedt.  “If we don’t get someone immediately, we usually hear back within the hour.”

This was a much-needed change because according to Hastedt, previously their calls wouldn’t even be returned the same day.  “It frankly didn’t feel like we had support at all anymore, because by the time they would get back to us, we would have figured out something on our own,” she said.

Saturday support quote Betsy HOne thing that has really benefited Mind-Builders about the change to a new IT service provider is that with Corsica, they now have 24/7 Tech Support available.  Before that, they didn’t have any support available outside of normal M-F business hours.  But the Center is open on Saturdays, so if their computers went down it created problems and frustrations.

“Having access to support on Saturdays is really helpful and something we are very, very happy with,” said Hastedt.

Thanks to the reliable and expert support they now receive, they are also able to make upgrades and implement modern solutions that better serve their audience.  “Our student database is now online, making it accessible to parents anytime they want to log in there,” said Hastedt.

In addition to the round-the-clock Tech Support, Corsica also provides 24x7x365 monitoring, management and maintenance of Mind-Builders’ entire network.  This kind of proactive Systems Management has been a great help to this busy non-profit that would typically not even know to address things until it was too late.

“They’ve kept us on top of IT in a way that we never would have been able to do on our own,” said Hastedt.  “Corsica has helped us to do the upgrades we needed and let us know when things are no longer under warranty, or no longer have vendor support.  They let us know what we need to do NOW, explaining how doing so is saving us from major issues down the road.”

Even better for Hastedt is that as a trusted partner, Corsica is always mindful of their need for efficiency.  “As a non-profit, we always need to know the most cost-effective way to do things,” she said.  “Corsica has been very supportive of us in that regard.”

All in all, partnering with Corsica Tech has been a positive move for Mind-Builders, giving them peace of mind that their critical IT functions are being managed and monitored by experts and that if something does go wrong, help is just a click or call away.

“It’s great,” said Hastedt. “When anyone has a problem with a computer, I just tell them to call Corsica and then I can keep doing the things that I need to do knowing that it will be resolved.”

Would You Like to Learn More About IT Outsourcing?

Corsica can help by fully managing your computer network, letting you get back to the business of running your business.  Request a FREE consultation, or check out our affordable IT service plans and request a quote.  For more information or to speak with an Account Manager, call us at 877-367-9348 or email service@corsicatech.com.

About Mind-Builders:  For 30 years Mind-Builders has been providing a vibrant space where children and adults explore and celebrate dance, theater, music, martial arts, visual arts and the diverse cultures, arts and traditions of the local community.  For more information or to get involved, visit www.mind-builders.org.

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