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Recent Blog Posts

Another Healthcare Organization Hit By Ransomware

Universal Health Services is a Fortune 500 hospital and healthcare services provider, has reportedly shut down all systems at healthcare facilities across the US after a cyber-attack hit its network early Sunday morning. UHS provides healthcare services to approximately 3.5 million patients each year.  
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Protecting Your Customers’ Sensitive Information

Companies operating in the digital landscape have suffered major attacks since the internet’s inception. In 2018 alone, malicious hackers breached billions of records belonging to social media and government organizations, and millions more across the retail, technology, and other industries accessing customers’ sensitive information. 
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MFA: The Super-Tool that can Stop 99% of Password Attacks

Multi-Factor Authentication is a security measure that requires multiple types of credentials to verify a user’s identity to access an account. So when a user logs into an account with a username and password, one or more other factors will also be required before allowing access.
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