Cloud Systems Management

Avoid the capex expense and hassle of physical servers by moving your infrastructure to the cloud with our cloud systems management service. Our cloud clients can take advantage of the cost savings and improved service to off-site team members while maintaining the ability to remain nimble as business scales up or down.

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In simple terms, Cloud solutions are service options that allow us to utilize off-premise computing power in much the same way we make use of utilities. We don’t have to pay for installing, hosting and supporting these business functions, but we instead pay only for the server space or the portion of the application that we are using as part of a Cloud solution. 

The benefits of moving to the Cloud are real, and the odds are good that your business is in a position to realize some advantage offered by a cloud-based solution. But while the Cloud benefits are real, so is the confusion and conflicting advice that often surround this emerging technology. That’s why when you are evaluating Cloud solutions, it’s important to partner with an IT firm like Corsica Technologies that will objectively evaluate your specific business needs and help you to ask the critical questions and look at the pros and cons to determine what solutions are right for you.

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Windows Server Projects

When it’s time for a Windows server project in your office, we’ll help advise you on what factors to consider, what questions to ask, and help manage the process from start to finish so that your business doesn’t miss a beat.

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Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is commonly used to eliminate server sprawl, increase server resource efficiency, improve server availability, assist in disaster recovery, testing and development, and centralizing server administration.

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Microsoft 365

With Microsoft 365 you get a product that is affordable, flexible, accessible anytime and anywhere, low maintenance and capable of providing business-class support to your entire team.

Corsica Technologies Ranked Among World’s Top MSPs

Corsica Technologies has been named as one of the world’s premier managed service providers on the prestigious annual Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings. This ranking identifies top forward-thinking global MSPs and leading trends in Managed Services.


Business Continuity: More Than Back Ups

For many organizations, business continuity starts and ends with one solution – a system backup. But while having backups is a large factor in recovering from disaster, it is not the only component.


What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation refers to the process of transforming business operations using digital technology. When done correctly, it can result in increased efficiency and increased revenue.

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