Wireless Breach Testing

Protect your business with a wireless local area network (WLAN) penetration test. Penetration testing can help identify weaknesses in the wireless infrastructure. As a company that fully embraces flexible and wireless connectivity, wireless penetration testing is a prudent method to detect problems that could lead to a breach though wardriving and other wireless attacks.

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A wireless penetration test will examine your network using a methodology similar to the standard wired penetration test. However, we will focus on the wireless as the gateway to exploit your vulnerabilities. Selecting the right partner to conduct the wireless penetration testing is an important decision. Look for certifications such as OCSP, OSCE, GPEN, CEH, CPT, and CWNP.

There are many benefits to conducting a wireless penetration test. Identifying vulnerabilities that threat actors are able to exploit is paramount. Testing the effectiveness of your security posture or exposing unintended weaknesses allows an organization to remediate these problems before they happen for real.

Shining a Light on the Dark Web 

By shining a light into these crevices, Corsica is able to detect credentials stolen from your users, work with them to remediate, and ultimately protect your organization from the unauthorized access and data loss that could stem from the initial theft of credentials.

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