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Take a Tour our Security Operation Center

This video gives you a behind-the-scenes look at one of our two geographically redundant Security Operation Centers (SOC) in Augusta, Georgia.

Ransomware 101

How much is your data worth to you? Learn what ransomware is, what happens when you’re affected, and ways to protect against it.

Medpoint Success Story

Rich Alberti, COO with Medpoint describes why he chose to partner with Corsica Technologies. He knew he was gaining a team of local, expert resources with knowledge to help interpret cybersecurity.

Crypton Mobile Success Story

Crypton Mobile was looking for an IT partner that could assist in 24x7x365 monitoring solutions. Corsica Technologies operates two geographically redundant Security Operation Centers (SOC).

Augusta GreenJackets Success Story

Tom Denlinger, Vice President of the Augusta GreenJackets, discusses the role Corsica plays in empowering organizational success.

Health Center Credit Union Success Story

Stacy Tallent, President of Heath Care Credit Union, had a tough decision to make – should he hire a full time IT employee or outsource his cybersecurity needs?

Center for Developmental Services Success Story

Center for Developmental Services partners with Corsica Technologies as their trusted Managed IT Provider ensuring their employees are trained in HIPAA Compliance and Security Awareness best practices to avoid a breach of data.

Improving Business Efficiency Post COVID-19

This webinar covers tips on how to transform your business through technology to become more efficient and gain a competitive edge in the post-COVID-19 business environment.

Managing and Leading a Remote Workforce

CEO Dale Walls shares tips and things he’s learned (sometimes the hard way) during his time managing a remote and distributed workforce.

Understanding the Basics of CMMC Compliance

This 7-minute-long mini-webinar covers the basics of what every DoD contractor needs to know about CMMC/DFARS compliance.

Patch Management: What it is and Why It’s Essential for Network Security

Patching is critical for protecting your network against viruses and intrusions, and helps to keep your servers and user systems healthy.

Managing Your Cybersecurity Risks with a Remote Workforce

This on-demand webinar focuses on the many challenges, threats and solutions that exist for securing your remote workforce.

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