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managed IT services for business
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Keep your business systems running smoothly and your people productive with a Managed IT Service solution. It's the smart choice for business.

Why Choose Managed IT?

Having a resource that can effectively and efficiently manage, monitor and maintain the heart of your business – your network – is a critical business need.


Outsourcing IT support to a managed IT services provider has many benefits, including improved security, better uptime, access to newer technologies for increased efficiency/productivity, cost-savings, and best of all…peace of mind.

With Corsica’s Managed IT Services solution, you gain a world-class IT partner, peace of mind that the lifeblood of your business is secure and the ability to focus on running and growing your brand.

I have been using Corsica as my IT department/support for several years and couldn’t be more pleased. I am always able to speak with someone, my staff gets the help they need from the Help Desk without issue or time of day. If I had to pick a company today, I would pick Corsica all over again.

–Anthony Coretta, VP of Operations / Dun-Rite Specialized

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With an IT service plan from Corsica Tech, we take responsibility for the integrity, security and efficiency of your data and systems. And you can get back to business.

Don’t leave your network unprotected and unsecured.  The advanced persistent threats present today demand the layered, sophisticated network security strategy that Corsica Tech provides.  Because if you are in business today, you are under attack.

Mandates for good cybersecurity today include:

  • Ongoing end-user education and training
  • Keeping all technology up-to-date
  • Expert network administration
  • Modern data backups management and data recovery

Unfortunately too many cyber-attacks are successful due to common mistakes.  Outdated software, weak passwords and a lack of education and awareness can put your network at risk.  To find out if you are making any common cybersecurity mistakes, click the button below to access a free download.

Get the List of Cybersecurity Mistakes

247 HelpDesk Services

Corsica’s Managed IT Services solution includes 24x7x365 HelpDesk support for all of your end-users.

With an average response time of less than 1 hour, our HelpDesk gives users multiple ways to request help, including an option to call in directly and be connected with someone in real time.

Our Tech Support Team is based out of our Centreville, MD Network Operations Center. It is staffed locally by full-time Corsica Tech personnel, who cover the desk in 3 separate shifts to ensure 24/7 access for our valued customers.

Check out this infographic to learn more about what happens when you contact Corsica Tech for IT support.  Or to see for yourself what other customers have to say about Corsica’s HelpDesk team, watch the video.

We Love Our Techs! from Corsica Tech on Vimeo.

IT Systems Management

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your IT partner knew when things went wrong on your network before you did?

With our Managed IT Services solution, we cover the 3 M’s of IT…Monitoring, Maintenance and Management.  And that includes all of your systems.

We take full responsibility for your entire business network, which includes 24/7 remote monitoring through our Network Operations Center (NOC), maintenance tasks to help prolong the life of your hardware and predict future upgrade needs, and overall systems management for updates, patches, warranties, end-user administration, and more.

Not only will we know about the issue before you do – we’ll start working to resolve it in real-time. Which means you won’t have to worry about arriving to the office Monday morning only to find that your network is down and no one can get any work done.

It’s a one-stop shopping solution.  And with a full team of experts managing your IT, you’ll experience fewer issues, greater overall uptime and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the heart of your business is fully managed and protected.

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IT Service Plans


Corsica Tech offers fixed-fee monthly IT service plans to fit every size business and budget. 

Managed IT customers enjoy 24/7 remote monitoring, 24/7 HelpDesk support, Server & Desktop backups, preventive maintenance services, patch management, firewall security solutions, vendor management, asset inventory management reporting and more.

You’ll have a dedicated Account Management team available to you for all of your IT needs.  Even better, you’ll have a true strategic partner to help you shape your IT infrastructure, making technology your competitive advantage.

Meet Your New I.T. Service Plan!

Managed IT Services Related Resources


We regularly provide educational and training resources.  Check out the following:

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View on-demand educational webinars on cybersecurity topics critical to all end-users (like phishing and ransomware, and other informational videos.

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With 4 U.S. offices and over 400 clients nationwide, we are among the largest managed service providers in the country.  We staff and manage a 24x7x365 Network Operations Center, headquartered in Maryland. Currently we manage over 6,500 systems using start-of-the-art, industry-leading systems management tools and best practices.

Serving the Greater Annapolis-Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area out of our Maryland Headquarters, we also have offices in New York City and Houston, TX.


Ready to learn more about what Corsica’s Managed IT Services solution can do you for you?

We’re available via email ( or phone (877-367-9348).  You can also request a call, and have a member of our expert Account Management Team get in touch with you at your convenience.

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