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We help companies in Augusta align technology with business goals while minimizing the IT risks to their organizations so that they can focus on running their business and scale.

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Focus on your business. We’ll handle the tech.

When you choose Corsica Technologies as your IT partner, you get a team of IT professionals that are there to support your business and its goals at all times. By offloading your technology needs to us, you’ll be free to focus on managing and growing your business. You’ll have the piece-of-mind knowing that your IT systems are being proactively maintained by an experienced team – with maximum efficiency and at the lowest cost possible. Say goodbye to managing IT problems yourself or bogging down your internal IT staff.

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Full service IT Solutions for Your Augusta Business

Managed IT Services

With Corsica Technologies’ full-service IT solution, you’ll be taking a proactive approach to your business technology, you’ll know your team won’t be overburdened, and you’ll reduce unnecessary bottlenecks that prevent your progress – all for one low monthly rate.

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Managed Security

With our Managed Security Services your business is monitored by our Cybersecurity professionals at our Security Operations Center (SOC). Our people are equipped with the processes, tools, and intelligence to monitor, detect, analyze, remediate and report on the threats to your information systems.

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IT Compliance

Do you need help complying with compliance mandates such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, SAIG, FERPA and more? Our IT compliance solutions can help you achieve compliance quickly and effectively, reducing the amount of time and resources required of your company.

Professional Services

Do you have an IT project you need help tackling? From small projects like business phones and WiFi to large scale projects like designing multi-location network infrastructures and migrating servers, we can manage the process for a smooth implementation.

IT Services for Thriving Augusta Business

Businesses in Augusta rely on technology more than ever. This reliance on technology makes them extremely vulnerable to downtime and inefficiencies when their technology isn’t managed properly. That’s why thriving businesses in Augusta look to Corsica Technologies’ team of IT professionals to manage their technology so they can focus on running their businesses.

We Serve Augusta Business

Augusta Businesses

Augusta is home to many different types of businesses, however, a few key industries dominate the business landscape. This includes:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Customer Service
  • Logistics
  • Hospitality

All of the businesses mentioned above depend on technology to run efficiently. Customer service companies are particularly reliant on excellent IT systems to ensure they continue to communicate with customers. Logistics companies have a lot of inventory that needs to be recorded, and technology is the best and most reliable way of doing so.

Even hospitality and manufacturing businesses depend on technology for daily tasks. From allowing customers to make hotel or restaurant bookings, to using computer technology to manufacture products.

The bottom line is that businesses may have different needs, but they all have one thing in common; the need a reliable technology infrastructure for their workforce. This is where we come in by providing tailored IT services in Augusta for any business; big or small, and no matter the industry.

IT Services Improve Efficiency & Productivity

Businesses in Augusta need to take advantage of our IT services. With so much emphasis on technology, our services ensure that your company runs efficiently – and is more productive. Countless issues can come about as the result of slight technical mishaps. Thanks to our service, we iron out all the creases and make certain your business utilizes technology as efficiently as possible.

No matter how you use technology in your daily routine, we always provide solutions to help you get the most out of it.

The Benefits Of IT Services in Augusta

Providing your company with added efficiency and productivity isn’t the only benefit our service brings. In fact, if you choose us, then your company will enjoy the following advantages:

IT Services

Lower the cost of IT services

With Corsica, you get a full-stacked team of experienced IT professionals with a diverse background and skill sets and you get all of this for far less than the cost of one salaried employee. There’s no need to pay for benefits, sick days, taxes, etc. All you pay for is the service, and this gives you access to a trained team that’s worked together for years. The savings are substantial when you consider the alternative; hiring multiple people to create your own team and having to manage it all!

Help whenever you need it

No matter the time of day, you get support whenever you need it. This is a hallmark of our IT services as we operate on an ‘always on’ basis. Effectively, you’ve always got someone to call when you run into a tech issue. Therefore, we can solve problems without making you wait hours or days, which limits business disruptions.

IT risks mitigated

Today’s modern business faces a host of threats that can bring business productivity to a screeching halt. We can protect your company against the common threats of the day, including but not limited to:

  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Hardware failures
  • Software failures
  • Network issues
  • Cloud computing problems

The list goes on and on, but we’re here to ensure your business operates smoothly everyday. Our team will listen to your problems and figure out the best solution for you. By doing this, we mitigate a lot of the frequent IT problems that will plague your business. As such, this leads to fewer disruptions and fewer problems!

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