World-Class IT Services for Business

You know that good IT management is important for your business...but is it your priority?

Expert IT Services for Today's Business

As your reliance on technology grows, having expert IT services in place to support your business has shifted from a luxury to a necessity.  In order to maximize your uptime, deploy modern network security strategies and really truly protect the lifeblood of your company – your data – you need a trusted IT managed service provider as part of your team.

Whether you need to modernize your infrastructure, secure your data backups, connect with a reliable HelpDesk, enable routine monitoring, migrate to the cloud, or simply partner with an IT expert, we understand that what you really want is peace of mind that your systems are protected, up-to-date and running efficiently.

With our world-class managed IT services solution, you get:

  • 24x7x365 systems monitoring and maintenance by our dedicated Network Operations Center team
  • Proactive maintenance so you have fewer IT issues
  • Data backups management
  • 24/7 Tech Support for all of your end-users from our U.S. based HelpDesk team
  • Enterprise-class network security solutions
  • On-site services as needed by professional, friendly and knowledgeable technicians
  • Monthly fixed fee service plan, eliminating the IT budget guessing game
  • End-to-end IT project management, as needed
  • An IT Partner who cares

Meet Your New I.T. Service Plan!

“Before we partnered with Corsica, we were in a completely chaotic environment, and could barely run our basic day-to-day operations because of all our issues.  Now, thanks to Corsica, we have a smooth, efficient operation, and I have peace of mind.”

–Jordan Weitzel, Operations Mgr @ Profiles (a Corsica managed IT services customer)

Corsica Tech is your trusted one-stop solution for all of your business IT services.

Fully Managed IT Services Solution for Business

IT Project Management and Expertise

24/7 Reliable U.S.-Based HelpDesk Support for Your Entire Team

Outsourcing IT operations to a managed service provider is an increasingly popular – and smart – option for businesses today.

Just like you turn to an attorney for legal advice and an accountant for financial advice, your IT infrastructure and strategy need to be guided and managed by experts.

When you entrust the monitoring, management and maintenance of your business network to professional IT pros, you can get back to managing and growing your business.

Corsica currently supports over 400 small and medium businesses.  With over 6,500 systems under management, we are one of the largest managed IT providers in the country.

You don’t just need your IT projects – upgrades, migrations, server refreshers, installs, etc. – done…you need them done right the first time.

Corsica has the knowledge and experience you want, and the sound, practical advice you need when it comes to developing your overall IT strategy and green-lighting specific projects.

We offer full-service project management for projects such as O365 or other Cloud migrations, server installs and refreshes, Wi-Fi installations, and other technology projects.  We’ll ensure that your new technology project is properly planned out, tested, and implemented.

Thanks to the advances in Cloud technology and modern productivity and collaboration tools, the modern office isn’t about where you’re doing the work, but rather what is getting done.

So if today’s end-users are working anytime, anywhere, what good is a HelpDesk that only offers support during traditional M-F office hours?

Corsica’s valued customers benefit from a 24x7x365 Support Team that is staffed by Corsica employees in our MD Headquarters office.  Whether you call at 3 AM on a Wed, Noon on a Sunday, or 1 PM on a Monday, you’re always going to be connected with a trusted Corsica team member.

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