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When it comes to Cloud solutions for business, the sky’s the limit!

But what is the Cloud?

In simple terms, Cloud solutions are service options that allow us to utilize off-premise computing power in much the same way we make use of utilities. We don’t have to pay for installing, hosting and supporting these business functions, but we instead pay only for the server space or the portion of the application that we are using as part of a Cloud solution. Some of the most commonly used Cloud services today are:

  • Gmail, Hotmail or other free e-mail accounts
  • Facebook
  • NetSuite, Salesforce
  • Constant Contact, Exact Target, AWeber or other e-mail broadcasting services
  • Zoomerang, SurveyMonkey and other survey tools
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • All things Google (search, AdWords, maps, etc.)

The benefits of moving to the Cloud are real, and the odds are good that your business is in a position to realize some advantage offered by a cloud-based solution. Smart businesses are learning how to make the Cloud work for them, whether that’s by taking advantage of some of the cost-savings available with Cloud solutions, a move away from physical servers, better service to off-site team members or just having the ability to remain nimble as business scales up or down.

While the Cloud benefits are real, so is the confusion and conflicting advice that often surround this emerging technology. That’s why when you are evaluating Cloud solutions, it’s important to partner with an IT firm like Corsica that will objectively evaluate your specific business needs and help you to ask the critical questions and look at the pros and cons to determine what solutions are right for you.

Whatever your goals, Corsica can help you navigate the many Cloud-based options out there and make them work for you.

Click here to learn more about how Corsica is putting Cloud solutions to work for you.

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