On-Site IT Services for Computer Repair

On-Site IT ServicesWhen it comes to problems with your computer, it doesn’t really matter to you if they are big problems or small problems. Because if you can’t fix it by turning the machine off and back on, then all unexpected computer problems have these 2 things in common, regardless of their scope:

  1. They are preventing you from getting something or in some cases, anything, done.
  2. They need to be fixed quickly so you can get back to work.

But the truth of the matter is that from a technical perspective, there are varying degrees of computer problems. And while some can be fixed with a quick phone call or a remote session with the Corsica Tech Helpdesk team, there are others that require on-site IT services in order to get them resolved.

On-site IT services for computer repairAnd believe it or not, not all IT issues are urgent. This is particularly true for customers who are under a Corsica Tech managed service plan because by partnering with Corsica to maintain the health of their network, they are able to proactively address issues like aging hardware or software upgrades.

In many cases, Corsica IT support is needed to assist with planned IT management, such as new user setups, the installation of a new application on your network, setting up remote access or reports of computers that are slow and need to be triaged.

In either scenario, Corsica Tech has an On-Site IT Services Team that is fully staffed and available to assist customers with both non-urgent and urgent IT requests. The on-site team is staffed by only highly skilled technicians who are experienced in not just IT work, but also in working in a professional office environment.

Our On-Site Techs will work directly with you during every visit to explain things clearly and let you know the status of the ticket, as well as be available to answer any questions you might have about the service being performed.

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