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Best New York City (NYC) Tech SupportLet’s face it – we are pretty attached to our computers and other devices. So attached that we don’t even really think about them as being separate from us, and its easy to forget that they are machines…machines that will eventually break. So when the inevitable happens and the equipment that you rely on for well, everything, is having an off day that is creating a really BAD day for you, get the best New York City (NYC) tech support around and call Corsica to get your IT equipment back up and running for you.

We have a full team of professionally trained and certified technicians ready to solve all of your IT issues. It’s our business to keep your business running, so when a malware attack shuts you down, our tech support team is going to know how to fix it fast because chances are, they’ve done it before. Maybe even that day.

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Corsica is supporting thousands of systems daily through a combination of proactive maintenance, IT projects, remote and on-site services and general computer repair and technical support.


Best New York City NYC Tech Support: On-Site Services

When a computer issue or special project requires an on-site technician or team of technicians, Corsica send the best New York City (NYC) Tech Support team around to handle it. The On-Site technicians are available for one-time projects like office moves, installs and new user set-ups; issue resolution that is escalated or cannot be solved remotely; as overflow IT support for businesses that have an IT Department but need to outsource routine tasks; and as a full-time IT support person embedded with a business.

Computer Repair and Support

Our New York City (NYC) Tech Support is generally defined in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Computer Repair – some part of your network and/or network equipment is broken or not functionally properly and the issue needs resolution from tech support.
  2. Computer Support – This is our recommendation approach, because the reactive “break-fix” model where you call Tech Support only after something breaks costs you both time and money. On the other hand, partnering with Corsica to maintain, manage, monitor and protect the health of your IT network has enormous benefits to you. Our goal is to prevent IT issues before they happen through a preventive maintenance model that keeps your network healthy and reduces your overall need for Tech Support. We recommend that businesses consider one of our Service Plans so that they have this type of full time support in place.

The Corsica Tech team provides support to businesses in all 5 boroughs (Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island).

Service Plans

Fully managed IT solutions are becoming more and more popular as smart businesses recognize the benefits of outsourcing the management of their IT and in exchange getting 24x7x365 network monitoring by a team of computer technicians for a predictable monthly fee.

You need your network to work, but you don’t need to be the expert on it. Trusting Corsica Tech to manage and protect your computers means that you have the best New York City (NYC) Tech Support team around looking after the computers that power your business.  Learn more about the various Corsica Tech Managed Service Plan offerings.

Technical Support

The only guarantee we can ever make when it comes to your IT is that one day it will break. And that is when you will be glad that you have the best New York City (NYC) Tech Support team at your disposal. Corsica’s Helpdesk team is available 24x7x365 for our Managed Service customers. Using remote access, the Helpdesk team can quickly diagnose the problem and in many cases, solve it as well. If it can’t be solved remotely and an on-site visit is needed, they will coordinate with the On-Site team to get someone out to your location ASAP.

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