Love is definitely in the air, and in honor of Valentine’s Day, we invite you to share some I.T. love and reap the rewards with our Corsica Referral Program. Participating in the Corsica Referral Program is super easy and will earn you both a personal reward and some serious match-matching cred when you help another business discover how sweet life is with an expert I.T. partner on the team.

Wanna Be Valentines?

Maybe being Valentines with an I.T. company is a little unconventional and unromantic, but we can promise you that our referral thank you gift is still pretty thoughtful.  More than that, the good feeling you get from helping fellow businesses or friends to solve their I.T. challenges will last much longer than any fresh flowers or sweet treats you receive this year. scattered-hearts-desk

We Love Computers, But We Love Our Customers More

Red roses and red-wrapped chocolates are of course EVEVERYWHERE right now as we prepare to remind our spouses, significant others, children, and even our pets how special they are to us.  Whether Valentine’s Day is a big deal to you or more of a “Netflix and Chill” kind of event, we at Corsica can’t help but think about our constant companions, and just how much we really love these darn computers. (Because yes, we are just that awesomely cool over here.) But we love our customers even more.  And that’s why we want to reward you for all the nice things you say about us.  For us, the only thing sweeter than a happy customer is a happy customer who will go out of their way to tell others about us and how our services could help solve real problems. Seriously…we’re blushing just thinking about it. Anyway, it is in honor of Valentine’s Day and our affection for our fabulous customers that we wanted to remind you that we have a fantastic Corsica Referral Program that offers great rewards for simply sharing with others just how much you love us, and how we have helped your business.

Corsica Referral Program: Matches Made in Computer Heaven

If you aren’t familiar with the details, you can check them out there.  But the highlights are:
  • FOR YOU: Refer a managed service customer to Corsica and earn either a $250 Service Credit for your company OR a $100 Visa gift card for yo-self.
  • FOR THEM: Any company you refer will get the 1st month FREE on a 1-year managed service agreement.
And don’t worry – we’ll handle the whole “here’s what we can do for you” pitch…all you need to do is make the introduction and you are officially part of the Corsica Referral Program. Now if you’re ready to be our Valentine and send us a match made in computer heaven, just fill out the form below.  We’ll get in touch right away and also let you know how that first date goes!

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